Friday, December 14, 2007

December Stash

I mentioned previously that I had gotten a few small pieces of stash. First up is Long Dog Samplers' Time & Tide. I like nautical themes and this sampler has everything oceanic you could want. Then there are two patterns from Ink Circles, Garden Stars and
Hawaiian Mandala Sampler. I fell in love with these patterns while deciding if I wanted to join The Snowbirds SAL who are working on Paradigm Lost and Cirque des Cercles. Although I decided not to join this SAL, I still love to read their postings. There are some mighty beautiful interpretations of these designs. And not all of them are monochrome. I also could not resist another Michael Powell. I also have his Mini Christmas Window II on backorder. I don't mind since I have plenty of things to stitch before it gets here. In fact, I might not get to any of these before 2009!

Which brings me to the last bit of stash. I got the Mirabilia Christmas Tree 2006, which I almost started before deciding to buckle down and work on Christmas presents. So even though I am not as enamored of Christmas Tree 2007, I got it to keep the set going. When I got it, I knew instantly what the problem was -- the fabric. Like half the ornaments in the JCS 2007 Ornament Issue, the designs are fine, but the color choices are ... unfortunate. Here this lovely tree just blends into the background. If Nora had picked a more contrasting color choice the tree would pop. I'm not saying that she needed a black or neon pink, but just something, even a beige, that lets you see the tree in all its splendor.

The CookieFest went very well last night. We baked Christmas Candy Cane Crispers, Pecan Rum Bars, Dark Chocolate Crackles, and made Bourbon Balls. We also decorated sugar cookies and put together this gingerbread house that Robert brought. The rocket ship crashing into the roof should read NCC1701 (the call numbers of the Starship Enterprise). OK, we are all geeks here and we know it. I'm going to make some press cookies today and the grocery list for tomorrow. Tomorrow is all cooking, all the time until the guests start showing up around 7:30 pm. I hope everyone is having as much fun as we are this weekend.


Jeanne said...

Could this mean that my order from SBB should show up soon? Merry Christmas to me!

Yes, that fabric choice for the Christmas Tree was "unfortunate". I'll have to remember that phrasing! :-)

Have fun at the party tomorrow! I'll be having fun, as well - seeing the musical "White Christmas" live on stage. The movie is my favorite for this time of year. I hope the play is as good!

Kendra said...

I saw the 2007 Christmas Tree in an LNS about a month ago and thought it was gorgeous. I resisted it, but seeing it's calling to me! Thanks a lot...LOL!

Sweet Pea said...

I'll be waiting for when you start on the Hawaiian Mandala one. I've been eyeing that one up for a while now to stitch up as a gift for friends that were married in Hawaii a few years ago. I think it would make a great wedding sampler for them with a few modifications for personalization.

Sue said...

The rocket ship crashing into the gingerbread house is pretty funny. Love your Ink Circle choices.

Vicki said...

I'm loving the Christmas tree pattern you have there! Very festive :-)

debijeanm said...

You're so right about that tree. It's gorgeous but you can't even "see" it against that background.

My foray into Allen's system will be gradual, but I took hope because some of what he proposes is already in my "system" (although to look around me now you'd believe chaos is my only system.) For example, when I need to do a deep cleaning of the kitchen my list doesn't say, "clean kitchen," it will be a day-by-day list of exactly what will be done until the job is completed. My challenge now is to decide where to start my home inbox. The whole house is too overwhelming. When you did your craft room, did you use Allen's system? How did you start?

Thanks for the comment about DS2 and his postal adventure. Yes, I'm glad he's out. At first he intended to try to move into postal inspection, but that was another dream that poofed when he actually saw what they did. Now he's looking into cruise ship entertainment (he realized that part of his dissatisfaction is that he is missing his real passion - music. Poor guy, at 26 he feels like he's behind the curve. Of course, his dad and I think, "You're so young, stop sweating it." He'll get there.

Off to join you in the baking frenzy.

Suzanne said...

Great stash you have there, perhaps an early Christmas gift to yourself? The gingerbread house is yummy looking. I haven't made one for many, many years, but I fondly recall that it took most of the morning and the whole family worked on it. I must say, it was a lot of fun.

Dawn said...

You got some great stash! I love the tree but you are right about the fabby choice.

Meari said...

Great stash you've got :) I really like the Ink Circles charts. Love the Miribilia one, too. I'm jealous that you've done your baking... I don't think I will have time to do any this year.

Margie said...

Nice stash! That Ink Circles is on my list - enjoy!

Ruth said...

Love the stash! Many congrats on those.

Possibly did the bourbon balls influence the pilot's abilities via the gingerbread house? lol I know that making bourbon balls always does me in. Love the house, btw!

You are so right about the color of fabric in the JCS instance and in the Mirabila 2007 tree -- she must be nuts -- You can tell from the picture that it's not on the fabric she calls for in the pattern, and what would it hurt to suggest an attractive shade for a change???

Continue to inspire me with all those pretty pics of stash and accomplishments!!!!!

tkdchick said...

Okay I'm a trekkie and I didn't recognize the NCC-1701!

Great new stash!