Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Floating Chipmunk

Here he is. The Chipmunk you all have been waiting for. I am glad that I waited until I got back here to work on him. He has over a dozen colors (and two blended threads. But he looks pretty good and will look even better when I backstitch him (and when the shelf he is sitting on is defined). But I have only until tomorrow to stitch and finish-finish him. This is probably why most of my other "Christmas gifts" are just UFOs. What is left to do are three more branches and leaves and a whole lot of seeds that he is sitting among. Then the backstitching. I keep thinking I can do it, but I might be fooling myself.

This is our Christmas tree. We didn't have a Christmas tree most of the time that we lived in California, because we spent almost every Christmas in Kentucky. But since we have had a Holiday party for the past three years, a tree was necessary. The first year we had a cut tree, but it really was quite a hassle. Last year we bought this white tree and the purple balls. In our contemporary house it looks quite appropriate. The lights are blue this year because we could not find the clear ones we used last year and blue lights were the only ones we could find with a white cord. They actually look very nice in the dark. We couldn't find the Santa Lucia figure for the top of the tree either. No, we don't have any personal ornaments. Because we rarely had a tree, we never collected ornaments. My mother-in-law has a small table top tree with miniature Coca Cola ornaments. James' parents also have had a white artificial tree but with a revolving colored light wheel that turned the tree different shades.

The Holiday Party was a lot of fun. I always enjoy the Alien Gift Exchange where the first person opens a gift and subsequent people can steal that gift or open a new gift. This is a picture of Scott "imploding" the gingerbread house (so that people could eat it). You can also see the large variety of cookies and candy that we had.

When I finish the Opossum and Chipmunk ornaments, I will take a picture, but I might not be able to post it until after we get to Kentucky. We leave again at o'dark o'clock Thursday morning and travel from here to O'Hare, then to Lexington. The weather had been threatening to snow in Chicago, but it looks like a lesser possibility of rain now. For those who are traveling, safe journeys!


debijeanm said...

No wonder you were so excited by the chipmunk; he's adorable. What a nice set of ornaments!

You inspired me to get some baking done today (not in my inbox but what the hay?)

Have a safe trip to KY and a delightful Christmas.

Isabelle said...

This is one of the most stylish trees I've ever seen.

Your chipmunk looks adorable.
Wishing you safe journeys over the US!

Dawn said...

The chipmunk is so cute!! Your tree is very lovely:)

Ruth said...

Go Chippy, go!!!! He's wonderful, and I like that he floats. Give him a cape ad call it quits. :)

Travel safely... good luck in Chicago!!!!!

If youre wondering where I'll be, I'm heading to your place in NV to raid your cookie jar. lol

Meari said...

The party sounds like a lot of fun. The chipmunk is adorable. :)

tkdchick said...

The chippie is looking adorable!