Monday, December 10, 2007

Invisible Chipmunk

No. He is still not there. I need more concentration than I had this weekend to work on all his fiddly stitches. Instead I give you a wooden bird feeder. This is what I stitched on the plane on Friday.

This was my progress as of Saturday night. I got a lot done listening the to long, long inquisition.

And here is what I added on the flights home. More bird feeder and more leaves. If anything the flights home were better than the flights out. Yes, there was weather in Chicago. It's December. There is always weather at O'Hare in Chicago. But we got on the 3:30 pm flight (which left at 4:30 pm), rather than the 5:00 pm flight we were scheduled for (which was rumored to leave at 7 pm and which would have made us miss our connection to the Las Vegas flight at 8:10 pm). By the time we got to Chicago, the weather had calmed down and our Las Vegas flight left on time and got in early. The plane was so empty that James and I each had a row to ourselves. He slept stretched out and I spread out to stitch. There won't be much stitching done this week. We are holding two parties. On Thursday a group of friends will be here to bake cookies for the Holiday party on Saturday night.

The convention was alright. We got to see a lot of our friends in a very relaxed mood. James got snapped up by the Treasury Department for Denvention (the Worldcon in Denver next August). In Denver, I am going to work for Melbourne, Australia (which will almost definitely be the Worldcon in 2010, though the voting is not until Denver). The Head of Programming for Denver saw my demo programming database written in Filemaker and wants to use it. So that means a lot of cleaning up and documentation needs to be done before I ship it to her in January. That's OK, as I need to do some of this for the programming I will be doing for the July, 2008, Westercon in Las Vegas.

Yes, we ate a LOT of lobster, but none at the Legal Test Kitchen. They are behind the security gates in Terminal A, as is the Legal Express in Terminal B. So we ate at the regular Legal Seafood restaurant in Terminal C twice (lobster bisque, clam chowder, lobster rolls, fried clams, and FABULOUS crab cakes) and had Lobster Benedict for breakfast at the hotel.


Sweet Pea said...

Darn - I was hoping for a report back on the LTK. AND I'm green with envy over all the lobster you've gotten to consume. I adore lobster.

Chiasmata said...

Nice progress on the chimpmunk, I like the wooden border in this one - it's more defined than in the possum.

Flying all that way and not leaving the airport! Oh well, maybe next time you can check out the restaurant.

Ruth said...

Hey, what happened to my chowder request? lol

I'm glad all went well-- despite being snapped up for more work. :) That's what you get for being so dang good at it! Melbourne, huh? I could maybe do that. We'll see.... Denver is a definite! :)

Welcome home, good luck with the parties, and I love the invisible chipmunk!

Meari said...

Where are you from that you flew out of O'Hare? I'm about 2 hours west of there.