Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

In keeping with the spirit of the season, this week’s SBQ is:

Did you receive any stitching-related gifts for the holidays?

Yes...and No.

First, I did receive this lovely card from Kate in Australia. So this could count as a stitching-related gift. But what I think you are looking for is something more like the stash I bought after Christmas.

Although I did not get these on Christmas, they do count as Christmas gifts. My mother-in-law gives me $100 for Christmas every year. She has given up trying to get individual items for everyone in the family and just gives us all money. But she does expect us all to buy something with the money and show it to her. This year I could not find anything that I really wanted, so I waited until I got to Lexington. I often stop by a cross stitch/needlepoint/yarn store called The Stitch Niche when I am there. It focuses on very traditional patterns, so there isn't much there that appeals to me. I stopped there the day after Christmas , but they were closed. They promised to open at 10 am the next day for a 20% inventory reduction sale. I knew we were flying that afternoon, but I should have time to shop before then.

I was at the door at 10 am. When the doors opened 10 minutes later there were probably 15 women in line. All of them headed to the back where there was a greatly expanded selection of yarns for knitting and crochet. No one else was looking at the needlework in the front of the store. But that was fine with me. I got $100 of stash enhancement. First up were these two darling sheep patterns. I do love sheep.

Next up were some Halloween patterns. I particularly like the Jack O Lantern with the sunglasses. I also bought some Silk 'N Colors and some Sari Lace that was meant to be crocheted, but I will use it for sewing trim.

And then I picked up this Biscornu pattern. I have seen a lot of lovely Biscornus on other people's blogs, but not exactly one that appealed to me. This one really hit the spot! Bright, colorful, and SHINY!

Now I just have to figure out how all of these new patterns are going to fit into my stitching plans for next year.


Kendra said...

I also got the Just Nan Christmas biscornu as an after-Christmas gift...using some Christmas money from my aunt and uncle. :-)

I'm not sure when I'll fit it in, but it's going to be my ornament for 2008. My mom wants me to make one for her, too. She just discovered biscornus and loves them!

Suzanne said...

I love your stash, I did notice the sheep theme.

I received some Kreinik threads for Christmas and then some money which I spent at my LNS.

Chiasmata said...

I'm glad the card arrived safely. :) Wow, $100 for stash, not bad! You picked up some fantastic charts there.

Ruth said...

Good Stashing, Kathryn! And nice of you to arrange for all those other ladies to be yarn-y folks :) When you figure out how to get more time for all you want to stitch, let me know.