Saturday, December 8, 2007

Travel Bliss

After a few bad trips, I was a little wary about any travel. But I have to say that the trip to Boston yesterday was smo-o-o-o-th. Yes, we had to leave at o'dark o'clock and I didn't get to bed the night before as early as I wanted to, but the house (and cats) were in reasonable shape when I went to bed. We got up with our carry ons all packed and drove the car to the airport. For trips under a week it is actually cheaper to park the car at the airport than take a cab both ways. Since I had printed out our boarding passes the night before, we went right to Security and were at the gate in about 20 minutes. The plane was full, but it was a short flight to Denver. We even arrived early. The plane to Boston left on time and also got in early. Although it is cold in Boston, the hotel shuttle took us right to the hotel. When I think about the thousands of miles that we traveled in such a short time without much driving or walking, I realize how much we do take this long distance air travel for granted. It is so nice to be here in Boston with our friends from around the world (from England to Australia and all points inbetween).

And, yes, I did stitch on both flights. I even tucked my camera in my carry on at the last minute, though I didn't bring my card reader. I didn't want to stitch for three days and have no pictures of the intermediary steps. I stitched a bit this afternoon and am going back down to the consuite and stitch between now and dinner. Tonight is the Fannish Inquisition where we ask embarrassing questions of everyone who is running a convention about their facilities and committee. Since we are all friends and fellow con runners here, it is all in a spirit of fun.


Chiasmata said...

Glad to hear you had a smooth trip, and even managed to get some stitching in. It really is amazing how efficient our long distance transport is - most of the time. On average, I could fly to Melbourne in the same amount of time I take to commute by bus to work each morning.

Ruth said...

May the Inquisition go as well as your flights.

You're right, you know. We take this whole ease of travel thing far to cavalierly. God bless aerospace engineers. :)

Have fun in Boston-- and have some chowder for me!!!!