Monday, January 7, 2008

All Tech All the Time

Well, this week in Las Vegas is CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). Strangely enough, although Consumer is in the show name, this event is strictly to the trade; meaning closed to the public. And much of the public would probably find it confusing and boring. Unless you follow technology closely you have probably never heard of the some of the technology displayed here; 11N routers, openmoko open source mobile phones, and WiMax. Which still leaves a lot of extremely cool things to look at (150 inch HD plasma screens, super black DLP screens, tiny multimegapixel cameras, and flash based video recorders) as long as you don't really want to take any of these things home today. Many are prototypes and many have no prices (yet). Nothing can be sold on the show floor, except the logo'd items from the CES store. Yes, we bought some tshirts to wear to MacWorld next week.

I have mentioned before that I rarely stitch without listening to my iPod. And my favorite podcast is Buzz Out Loud from CNET. Here are the hosts, Molly Woods and Tom Merritt, doing a live podcast from the show floor. I got there early and got a seat up front. I'll be back again tomorrow and Wednesday.

This is Jason Howell, their producer. He also makes comments from time to time, but has to keep his eye on the sound board.

Besides wandering around and ogling the many shiny tech toys (like the 150" plasma display screen from Panasonic. Yes, it really is clear and detailed...and large.), I also enjoyed listening to CNET's panel session on The Next Big Thing. This year they talked about Automotive Tech, Mobile Computing, and Television Delivery Systems.

In keeping with the high tech flavor, they gave most of the audience these wireless voting wands. At various times in the presentation they asked the audience multiple choice questions and had them vote. In less than a second there were video graphs of the answers. If only we could count election results so quickly. I'll be back tomorrow to watch the Buzz Out Loud taping and check out the Blu-Ray players. Now that Blu-Ray has probably won over HD-DVD, it's probably time to buy a Blu-Ray player.


Kendra said...

My husband would love being at that show! He's a techie-nerdy-geeky guy, for both work and leisure.

I, OTOH, enjoy a new gadget or concept (as long as it's pretty simple), but that stuff is a bit beyond my realm. :-)

debijeanm said...

Sounds like you're having a blast. I would love to see all that but I suspect it would be like visiting a foreign country (which would be OK; I love to learn!)

DH just popped his head into my office yesterday for a conversation about our memories of the Beta vs. VHS battle when video recorders first came out (and VHS won). He's been "working on me" to get a HD set for the new house, but yesterday announces that it looks like everything is going Blu-ray. I'll bet he was watching coverage of the convention you're attending!

I enjoyed your update. It's nice having our own personal reporter at the event!

Chiasmata said...

Sounds like you're having a brilliant time. I used to really enjoy watching the online E3 reports when E3 was still around. Are you writing up a shopping list as you're looking?

I wouldn't call it between Blu-ray and HD-DVD just yet. Sony are notorious for crushing their own formats with protection (like DRM) and licensing costs (i.e Minidisk, Betamax, UMD)

Ruth said...

Jeez not a 150-inch tv. Just wait til I get the nephew's wish list next year! lol

Have fun --- I'll send positive thoughts for front row seats for you.

Ruth said...

Jeez not a 150-inch tv. Just wait til I get the nephew's wish list next year! lol

Have fun --- I'll send positive thoughts for front row seats for you.

Meari said...

I recently got a new phone that has a music player. At the time, I thought "no big deal" but I'm amazed at how often I use it for playing music. It's small and very handy!