Monday, January 28, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

First I have to apologize for not identifying the ornament I finished yesterday. I identified it on the Christmas Ornament SAL, but not here. It was a kit from Hillside Samplings. I like topiary trees and they offer four different topiary designs in kits. I stitched Topiary III, starting in March, running out of threads and finishing in May, after the designer sent me the threads to finish it. This one was Topiary IV. One reason I started it was because I was trying to keep up with the colors of Project Spectrum, which were black, red, and silver in June and July. I abandoned the topiary tree while trying to finish the needlepoint Red and Black Box (which isn't finished either).

Since we are leaving for Maui tomorrow, I needed to decide what stitching I am going to take with me for two weeks. I have Flower Fairy (last stitched on in December) permanently in my "To Go" bag, but I wanted something to stitch on the plane and something new to start.

For the plane I decided to take Warm Water Wash. I haven't worked on this since October. Although I looked for something else to finish, in the end I just grabbed this because it is easy to stitch (a real necessity for flying and stitching) and it is already kitted up. I wanted to find a larger Q-snap for it, but since I have been working on several patterns now that don't completely fit in a Q-snap frame, I am a little less worried about snapping over the stitched parts.

The new pattern that I decided to start is Rouge comme..., a French pattern from Madame la Fée. I also bought this and kitted it up for the red, black and silver months of Project Spectrum, but discovered that two months is barely enough time to finish one cross stitch much less two. Once I get this on Q-Snaps, it should be fairly easy to stitch, so I can stitch it on the flight back if I finish Warm Water Wash.

Since both my husband and I are still under the weather, I told him that except for a few small chores that we need to do at the cottage, we are going to REST (and stitch) during this trip. We need it. Well, time for bed, the taxi will be here at 5:15 am.


Itching To Stitch said...

Maui??? Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time!!

Ruth said...

He's going to stitch too? lol Stitch well, travel safely, relax, heal, and get just enough accomplished to make you feel proud of getting "so much" done.

Suzanne said...

I love the new pattern you are going to start. I hope you have a good and relaxing trip.

Sonda in OR said...

The topiary looks wonderful and the ribbon & button do make a nice touch. Enjoy Maui!