Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I know I said I would finish this yesterday, but when I got this far last night I thought, "Gee. I already have two finishes in December. Wouldn't it be better to have a quick finish in 2008?" Who could resist that? I certainly couldn't.

So this morning I finished Boo Betty Sheep (and owl friend). Except for the fact that I have never seen a green sheep, I really like this one. I especially liked stitching all the orange. It is such a cheerful color. Now that this is finished, I need to start something new.

First up on my list of 2008 Goals is Hawaiian Mandala. I had already downloaded the first section of the chart and printed it out, but it still took me a couple of hours to figure out all the symbols and what threads they indicated. This was a lot harder than most of the other charts I have. There are over 50 symbols and threads from six different manufacturers. I wanted to be absolutely sure of every symbol and every color, since this is not a design I want to frog.

I picked out the first six colors and prepared the fabric. I have decided to work the first section on a 8" x 14" Qsnaps frame. I might have to work the farther sections by hand as I don't have a scroll frame large enough for this project. Even in the Qsnaps, this is like stitching an afghan. There is just so much cloth! The number of stitches this will need does not really bother me, but I wonder just how I can handle all this cloth, especially once I start beading and adding the gemstones. I don't know if I will ever get a picture of an accurate color of the fabric. It is an odd shade of opalescent gold green. I like it quite a lot, but it's never going to photograph decently. This project will never travel, so I will also have to decide on a project for San Francisco/Los Angeles in a week and a half.

I probably won't have much to post in the next week. I really need to start working on cleaning up the sewing room (again), so that a guest can stay there at the end of the month. Starting Monday is CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). We will be at the Las Vegas convention center for much of the week, then going to San Francisco for MacWorld the following week.


Jeanne said...

I like your reasoning about getting an early finish in this year. :-) Your green sheep is cute!

Good luck with the Hawaiian Mandala. I've got one Chatelaine going on my WIP list (Japanese Octagon Box) and another waiting in the wings, so I know how large these are! I don't really have suggestions for dealing with all the fabric, though. I almost always work on scroll frames, but I think I'd have to sit on the floor to work on a scroll frame that large, because it wouldn't fit in my chair. I think your Q-snaps are the best idea, but you may want to save the beading for last so you don't have to put Q-snaps over the beads. Good luck!

Sweet Pea said...

I am seriously rethinking doing the Mandala if it's going to be that much of a pain in the ass. LOL

I have an idea for a scroll frame that might work. I actually want to try it when I start stitching Paradigm because I always work on scroll frames and I didn't have one big enough either. I took one of the scroll frame ends and picked up 2 wooden dowels that would fit in it at the home improvement store. The plan is to probably baste some velcro tape onto the ends of the fabric and attach the matching tape onto the extra long dowels. However, I don't know how stable the whole operation will be, so we'll see.

Paisley said...

Congratulations on your first finish for 2008! I love the green sheep!

Good luck with HM. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

Itching To Stitch said...

Kathryn ~ Congrats on your first 2008 finish! It's adorable. The start to your mandala piece is pretty. I know what you mean about all that fabric. I'm doing St. Petersburg White Nights and my fabric is 32" x 32", biggest piece I've ever worked on.
Have a great day ;)

Kathy said...

When working on large pieces and stitching in hand. I hold the extra fabric rolled with either smallish binder clips or vinyl coated big paper clips. I am working on a piece that is 23x29 and it has been working for me.

Chiasmata said...

Congrats on your first finish in 2008! The sheep is very cute, even if he is green.

Hawaiian Mandala is a nice start. I can't imagine having to deal with that much fabric, my BAPs are other people's smalls! :P Good luck with it, and I hope it's not too tricksy.

clob said...

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it's really so fun !!!!
have a goode day