Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Mandala

Here's about 50% of the next band of stitching finished. Those two big empty squares will someday be large gems. But since I am stitching this in Qsnaps, I really have to leave the gems and beads for the end. I will say that the people who have finished this part with all the beads and gems show exactly how lovely this will be when they are added.

I have sympathized with all the bloggers (and other people) out there who are suffering with the winter season colds and flus. But I have also been glad to have survived Los Angeles and Boston without bringing home any bugs. Our trip to Lexington was not bug free. James' sister had the end of a rather nasty and lengthy cold and now we seem to have it. For the past week we used enough Kleenex to make the Kimberly-Clark company profitable. I tried to do some stitching, but ended up frogging too much of it. In fact I have spent most of the past two days in bed sleeping as much as possible. It seems to have helped somewhat as I am less groggy than I have been, but my nose is still running like a faucet. I can't take any of the normal decongestants because of high blood pressure. At least I can take ibuprofen and cough syrup without decongestants. James has been plowing through paperwork, getting ready for our 2007 taxes, even with his cold.

I wouldn't mind so much if CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) was not starting tomorrow. No, I am not working the floor, but I do enjoy going and plan to be there tomorrow. I probably won't go the entire four days, as I still have lots to do here at the house before we leave for San Francisco and MacWorld next Sunday. The retailers say that they sold tons of electronics for the holidays, but we always leave our electronics shopping for January when we discover all the goodies at CES and MacWorld. I know we will be buying a new Mac desktop after MacWorld, but don't know which one it will be. We always hope for new models at MacWorld, then buy the discounted "older" models. I know James is looking forward to a new iPhone release, so he can buy one also. I will try to get some more stitching done on Mandala during the next week, but won't finish part one in January.


Itching To Stitch said...

The Mandala looks wonderful. Love those pretty blues.

I hope your nose stops running soon ;)

Chiasmata said...

Hawaiian Mandala is looking great. The gems will look amazing when they're on.

I hope you're feeling better soon. Being icky is never good, especially when there's a show on.

A new iPhone is coming out? Australia still hasn't gotten the first one yet. Sure, people import them into the country, but unless they're doing serious modifications to the phone all they're getting are very shiny and expensive paperweights.

Ruth said...

Poor dear -- feel better right now! How can you be expeted to shop properly when you're not 100%? The Mandala look beautiful. I can't wait to see how you progress. Possibly you'll get me off my fanny and working on one of the 3-4 Chatelaine mandalas I have languishing in stash piles.

Meari said...

Mandala looks good, Kathryn. Love the sparkly fabric. *knock on wood* I haven't been sick yet this winter.