Monday, January 21, 2008

Smitten Ewe Finished

Here is the February sheep, Bent Creek's "Smitten" Ewe finished (but of course, not framed). I stitched some more of this during the board meeting on Saturday. I tried stitching in the car driving back to Nevada, but ended up frogging most of it, so just waited until I was back in my comfy stitching chair to finish it up. I now have three of these sheep finished, Autumn Ewe, "Betty Boo" Ewe, and "Smitten" Ewe. And three more sheep kits, Summer Ewe, Lucky Ewe, and Free Betsy. There are also Winter Ewe, Spring Ewe (with baseball charm), Gertie Gooble, Holiday Cheer, and Ewe Hunt (Easter themed). I'll probably stitch Summer next because of the cute lobster.


I have a few more photos from MacWorld. The first was my favorite time at MacWorld. Leo LaPorte runs the TWiT (This Week in Technology) network. My favorite podcast from him is MacBreak Weekly. At MacWorld they had a live MacBreak Weekly podcast, so I could see the participants as well as just hear them. It was great putting names with faces.

I also have a few iPhone photos of the MacBook Air. Apple had some empty cases strung from the ceiling to show just how thin this laptop is.

It is quite elegant, but there's not enough power under the hood for me.

I love my computers and I love the software I run on them. But I do not love Adobe Software. Every software product we have is paid for and licensed. We have been Adobe customers since Photoshop 0.9. I have used PageMaker at least that long (decades) and now InDesign. In the second to last major upgrade to Adobe software (CS2), they started actively checking online for a valid serial number. They allow two copies of the software to be run at once. Fine, there are only two of us, so we never run more than two copies at one time. Now when we moved from house to house we had to remember to DEACTIVATE one copy of the software in Nevada and ACTIVATE another copy in San Francisco or Hawaii. Not a problem. A pain (especially when I forgot to do it), but not a real problem. I agree that software companies should be allowed to take steps to prevent software piracy. But today when I went to deactivate my copy of CS3 on my laptop and use it on my desktop I got the error message that Deactivation Failed. Their website was totally useless and gave no hint why deactivation would fail. So I had to call customer support, only to have them tell me that I had deactivated my software too often. WHAT?!?!?! This never, ever happened with CS2 in the hundreds of times that we activated and deactivated their software. They are now claiming that you can only run the software on two computers when you briefly TRANSFER a copy from one computer to a new computer. You are not allowed to run one copy of the software on multiple computers. WHY NOT? There is only one of me. I am not giving out copies to my friends. They can even CHECK to see that I am only running legally ACTIVATED software. I am running one paid for copy on one computer AT A TIME. To say I am angry is an understatement. In fact, I am ready to transfer all my Adobe files to other companies. Considering that we have spent thousands of dollars on Adobe software and now to have to deal with this is unconscionable. I strongly recommend that anyone contemplating buying ANY Adobe Software seriously rethink this decision.


Itching To Stitch said...

Your Smitten Sheep came out great. What are you going to do with all these sheep?

Jeanne said...

I love the sheep!

Thanks for the commentary on MacWorld. DH and I used to watch Leo on his old TechTV show, The Screensavers, until that network was bought out by G4 and they completely destroyed the show.

Sorry about Adobe. So much for trying to do the right thing!

Kim said...

Smitten came out great!
Ugh, sorry to hear about your Adobe. They suck. They should at least offer you a family plan to buy an additional license for a small fee. Those programs are expensive!!

Barbeeque4 said...

Your Smitten sheep is sooo cute!!!

Sorry about that Adobe issue.

Suzanne said...

Great finish with Smitten Sheep!

As my husband and I both have a seperate computer, we usually have to buy a couple of licences for all our software. The expensive ones are usually only installed on my husband' computer and then I have to use his computer when I need to use it. Software companies really make it difficult for honest people. We are only one family and household using the software, but we still have to purchase individual software.

jcbemis said...

We're coming to Vegas tomorrow, staying till Feb 1; want to get together?
Judy Bemis (& Tony Parker)

Chiasmata said...

Cute sheep! I really love the design. It's very effective for something so simple.

And Adobe have gotten really bad with their lisencing these past few years. It sounds like you've always done right by them, and they haven't returned the favour. You've certainly got more patience and respect for them than me. I would have made sure that all your Adobe programmes were active at all times, and hang the legality of it.

Dawn said...

Smitten is too cute! Great job:)

timetostitch said...

Smitten Ewe is soooo cute...lovely finish. Thanks for all the Mac are so right about the new Airbook.

Lelia said...

smitten is quite charming!!