Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Today’s SBQ is:

Are you starting something new to celebrate the New Year or participating in “Guilt Free January?” If so, what are you planning on starting?

Yes, I started something new. Although this online pattern and class started December 1, there was just too much Christmas stitching left to do to stitch this in December. So I started Hawaiian Mandala on January 1.

After I mentioned that I was struggling with the amount of fabric I had to deal with, a commenter wondered if this was going to be such a hassle should she start this at all. Yes, this a quite different than a pattern that you can finish in a weekend or even a pattern that you can finish in a month. What you see here is only 5% of the stitching in the first section and it doesn't even include the beads and gems that will cover all the empty spaces in the design so far. But I took on this project as a challenge. I wanted to do something that was BIG, something memorable, something that not everyone would ever do. I love the geometric nature of this section. I can stitch one section and just copy the stitching in other sections without looking at the chart every five seconds. I love stitching on the Jazlyn fabric, which is even and heavy enough to support all the gems and beads it will eventually have. I love stitching with all the silks. They are so great to work with. I love the colors -- azure and hyacinth and crystal bay. And even though there are now two sections published, I don't feel the pressure I have felt in the past of "getting the pattern stitched and moving on". I know that I will have this around for at least two years and I am going to enjoy it, even if I am the last person in the online class to finish it. So if you like the pattern and can commit to a very long schedule, then why not stitch this? I know some stitchers who have several BAPs going at once. I am happy to just stick to one at a time.

And speaking of challenges. in my growing need to use up some of my fabric stash, I have signed up for a quilting class, Your First Art Quilt. It is just one day, February 16th, at my local quilt store. I went there today and signed up and bought the workbook. Now I will have to read the book and decide what I want to stitch. The finished object will only be 20" x 20", so I should be able to finish it in a day as long as I don't go into too much embellishment.


debijeanm said...

It's going to be breathtaking, Kathryn!

I am always attracted to BAPS and would like to share a hint. After trying several things to tame the excess fabric I finally bought some "mini" plastic chip clips. I roll up the excess on all sides, then clip the fabric so it doesn't unroll. The mini clips don't seem to get caught up in the floss and I'm not afraid of the plastic staining the fabric.

Looking forward to watching your progress; your work is so exact that your pieces are exquisite. Thanks for sharing.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your off to a great start. Martina's designs are so awesome ;)

Sweet Pea said...

Ah ha! Now I see the problem! When I looked at what you were stitching, I thought, "Hmmmm, that doesn't look like what I thought it would." And then I thought, I don't remember seeing beads or gems on the pattern. So I did a little back reading and realized I was thinking about the wrong pattern!!! I thought you were stitching the Ink Circles Hawaiian Mandala, but you're not. LOL - oops!!! The Ink Circles ones looks a lot more managable, but the one you're stitching is drop dead gorgeous.