Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Traveling Again

The swimsuit was stitched on the plane from San Francisco to Maui. The beach sand was stitched last night and I started on the hat this afternoon. I was going to stitch a few more lengths on the hat so it didn't look so much like a blob, but the sun is starting to set and I knew I wouldn't get a very good picture under the artificial lights. No, Ruth, James is not stitching along with me. He is working on his Photoshop files. He did ask, "Where is the sheep in this pattern?" and seemed amazed that I was stitching something without a sheep. I guess the birds and turtle buttons which come at the end don't count. ;-)

I'm glad this is so easy to stitch, otherwise it would be a UFO in short order. I dislike the Crescent Color threads. They are soft and shreddy. They are somewhat variegated, so I am stitching each stitch one at a time, but not enough variegated that it adds a lot to the image. The pole has a stand, but the colors of threads chosen make the pole stand and the beach sand blend right together. I also did something on the plane that I had not done before. I lost a needle. One second it was on my fabric and the next it was gone! I looked around as best as I could, but could not see it anywhere. Oh, well, I did pack a bunch more, so no problem, but it did seem odd. I am going to continue stitching this until I finish it. I can probably finish it during this trip since I am determined to rest and not try to do too much.

Maui is cold and rainy. Since we have been in a three year drought, we appreciate all the water. What is even more amazing is that the hundreds of acres that burned right next to our farming area is now covered in new growth. If you didn't know there was a fire here six months ago, you would never suspect this was new growth. Wow! The only downside to the "cold" (in the low 60s at night) is that most Hawaiian houses have no heating systems. I don't even have a pair of long pants here -- strictly t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Our landscaper came by to discuss a few issues and his wife was bundled up in a sweater and fleece coat! I know it is not the snow and ice that the mainland is dealing with now, but it is pretty brutal for the balmy Hawaiians -- not to mention the poor tourists that were trying to escape the cold on the mainland. It's supposed to rain pretty much through the weekend, but it may get all the way up to 80 F next week.

[a short break to view the sunset]

I've had Apple laptops pretty much since they started making them. I remember that my first one only had a black and white screen. For the most part I have just used them for traveling; load up my email and use the modem for dial up. When I went home I put the files back on the desktop. I would never have considered using them as my primary machine. But with traveling as much as we are now and having my iPhone synced to my MacBook Pro, I'm finding that for most things all I really need is my laptop. I used to use the card reader and Photoshop program on one of the desktop machines, but I just got a really, really small USB SDHC card reader and now I can do it all on the laptop. All I need to do is to hook a larger screen up to the laptop (which is really, really fast) and maybe hook up the USB numeric keypad once in a while and would I still need a desktop? Time will tell.


Barbara said...

It was interesting to come across your comment on Crescent Color fibers. I've noticed that I can't stitch with them on certain fabrics, such as R&R, because of that 'soft/shreddy' quality you mentioned. They go all fuzzy, and have even broken. They're great for soft linens, provided I cut them short. ;)

Ruth said...

Man!!! I want a "short break" for sunset viewing!!!!!

There's probably a good joke somewhere in that "where's the sheep".... But I'll not go there right now. lol

Hmmm. I have barely stitch with Crescent, but I'm making a mental note to only use it on the soft stuff. (Shredding and pilling is why I tossed out all of my DMC 310. It broke on one too many projects for now if there's black on a piece of mine, it's silk.) I wonder what their Belle Soie is like in this regard. We just picked it up for my needlepoint shop and now I'm worried.

Have fun, try and stay warm-ish.

And a big thanks for the book recommends!

Itching To Stitch said...

I love this piece you are working on, it's adorable.

I've stitched with Crescent Colors and like them a lot. But the fabric I've used them on has been soft. RR fabric is always stiff and scratchy ;)

Chiasmata said...

I do like this stitch, it's very colourful. I can see what you mean about the variegated threads though.

I haven't used Cresent Colours, but I'll be cautious of them in the future.