Saturday, February 23, 2008

Almost A Peacock Feather

You can start to see the peacock feather-like motif that goes in each diagonal corner. Most of the empty squares will be filled with an Algerian eyelet stitch when all the cross stitching is done. I am not looking forward to that. The stitching is already pretty dense around them. There is some Evergreen Petite Treasure Braid stitched along the diagonal, but there is still Turquoise, Silver, and Gold to be stitched.

The best part is that the dark black stitching is almost the border of part one. There is just one row of gold metallic beyond that. I hope to finish all the diagonal bits in the next week. But that depends on what else I am working on. This week is the Christmas Ornament SAL, but I don't have an ornament picked out. I may just skip it for this month. I really want to keep working on this.

Then there are all the non-stitching projects I have laid out. I still haven't been able to guilt myself enough to work on the programming database. Every day I say I will work on it, but somehow I get distracted by anything else. This morning it was the Kentucky - Arkansas basketball game in HD. I haven't watched a single game so far this season and this one was nationally televised. The schedule was set before Kentucky tanked the first part of this year. There is still no guarantee that they will be invited to the Dance. They need to do well in the SEC tournament. Next I need a shower and to go out and get some groceries. I have a craving for homemade fried rice, but I need some ingredients. I hope you all are having a productive weekend.


Kendra said...

We watched the last few minutes of the UK game today...we were biting our nails and hoping they could hang on to that lead!

The sports commentators around here seem to think UK will get a tourney slot and I hope they do. We've also got our fingers crossed for's been a few years since they went.

Beautiful stitching, by the way. The colors are so pretty on this one!

Ruth said...

Go, K, go! You know, if you keep up with all this beautiful progress on your Chatleaine, I'm going to be forced to get one of the ones I have hanging out and get started. :)

May the programming database gods bring you inspiration/motivation

tkdchick said...

Awww I can't see your pictures I'm only getting a red x!

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Dani. I don't know why Blogger lost my pictures, but they are back now.

Barbara said...

That's some incredible stitching - you should be very proud of yourself!!

Did you manage to get the ingredients for the fried rice? Sounds delicious!

Meari said...

Those colors look really nice together. :)

Lelia said...

this is so beautiful - i just luv the colors!!!