Thursday, February 21, 2008


Now that I have finished the central motif, I'm starting on the four diagonal motifs. There are also four horizontal and vertical motifs. This first page of the design covers almost every stitch. What is blank now will be filled with beads and jewels at the end.

One thing about BAPs is that you cannot just pick them up and put them down. You cannot stitch them for just five minutes. After being away for a while, it takes five minutes just to make sure you are using the right threads for the right symbols when you have to deal with a hundred different materials. You can not guarantee that you will have much visible progress even after an hour of stitching. This is several hours of stitching just from last night. I thought I might get one of the motifs done, but there are so many different threads, I am constantly checking the pattern and the materials list.

I do know that I am enjoying stitching this. I love watching the complex design take shape. I love working with the silks and metallics, just as long as I remember to treat the NPI silk like a metallic and knot it on the needle. Boy, is it slippery! I love having several uninterrupted hours stitching. In fact, I could probably do nothing but stitch this for the next six days.

That is not going to happen. I've taped my list of Things to Do up in the hall and I am making myself read it every time I pass by. I've finished cleaning half of the kitchen and am going to work on cleaning up the convention database next. I promised to send a copy to Denver over a month ago and never had enough energy to work on it. I am feeling incredibly guilty. Once I get that emailed, I will allow myself more stitching time.


Barbara said...

This is exactly why I can't do this sort of design now - my stitching time arrives in random, small chunks. A BAP for me would have to be something like HOHRH, which doesn't have that many color changes and which has simple designs. ;) Love your progress!!

Barbeeque4 said...

That is some great progress on HM!!!! The blues are so pretty together!!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Kathryn ~ This is sooooo pretty. I know what you mean about big projects. I find I don't work on my Chatelaine very often because, like you said, you need a couple of hours (for me at least 3) to make it worth getting everything out and re-orienting yourself to the piece ;)

tkdchick said...

That center motif is great, looks like crashing waves!