Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Tomato

I haven't made much progress on Rouge over the past week. My time has been mostly spent on reviewing the last of the entries for our foundation grants and preparing for the gallery show that starts next month. Not only that, but I needed to take a bit of time out to find some replacement thread colors. There are a number of highlight stitches that call for simply White. Against the reds of the fruits and vegetables of this pattern, white is simply too stark. I have been auditioning some light pinks and light corals to use instead and have come up with 353. It's interesting to be stitching this mostly red and green pattern that has nothing to do with Christmas.

But even with this motif unfinished, I am switching over to Hawaiian Mandala for the next seven days. There are now three parts published and I haven't even finished half of the first part. Though there is some question about how much I will get done even with some dedicated stitching time.

I mentioned that James was flying to Maui today. I took him to the airport at 5 am this morning. He is an photographer and has been to Burning Man (a huge campout/arts festival in the Nevada desert) several times and has really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed his photos from there, but there is no way I am going to suffer a week of dust and heat and walking around. When we were in Maui we stopped by a art gallery owned by a friend of ours from California. She said that James would really enjoy Maui Burn, a similar campout/art festival on a much smaller scale, that is happening this weekend. I urged him to go as I know he wants to be more involved in the Maui art community. But there was no reason for me to go with him. Instead I am in Nevada working on a HUGE list of projects from cleaning up my computer desk, to email, to backing up computer files, to cleaning up the pantry, to going through boxes of papers, to packing up clothes to goodwill, to finishing my art quilt, to sewing something for my nephew's baby who will be one year old March 11. James always gets tired just looking at his list of things to do and I am trying not to be afraid of mine. :-)


Jennifer said...

Yikes - you do keep yourself busy!!! But I bet it's kind of nice to have all that uninterrupted time to do your thing, isn't it? :-)

tkdchick said...

Wow! You're busy! Gosh I'm envious I'd love to be able to jet off places to photograph things. Of course I am a just starting out amature without even a class under my belt!

I love the term "auditioning" for picking out colours I'll have to use that one sometime!

Barbara said...

You've got a lot going on! Good luck with it all!! :)