Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I thought I was going to finish all the diagonal motifs before I came back to the horizontal and vertical motifs, but as you can see I seem to be doing this entire pattern clockwise.

I must admit that the diagonal motifs are a lot harder (and a lot more picky) than the horizontal motifs, especially since the horizontal motifs have a lot of blank space where I will have to go back and stitch a whole bunch of small beads when I am finished with the rest of the stitching. At least you can imagine what the entire page will look like when I finish this section. Martina has published the first four parts. Part Two (pineapples) and Part Four (hibiscus) seem to have a lot less stitching than this first part. Part Three (volcanos) seems pretty involved. But as much as I like stitching blues, I will be glad to move on to the next page. I don't know if I will stitch more on this tonight or go back to Rouge.

My database cleanup work is coming right along. All the DMC and Mill Hill items are up to date and I am actually entering in a few patterns and kits. I even "prettied up" some of the screens. What I haven't done is entered all the pictures of the patterns. I'm still working on cleaning up the pictures for Trade for a Sheep so I can add the last of the items.


Barbara said...

This is such a gorgeous project! And I'm not even very fond of blue! LOL!!

Jeanne said...

This is looking great, Kathryn! Keep up the good work!

Itching To Stitch said...

This is so gorgeous and you are moving along so fast on it. I love the trees in your last post, makes me want spring to come VERY badly ;)

Ruth said...

Wow! It's simply beautiful. I can imagine how fiddly it is, but so pretty. Pretty enough to be worth all the hassle :)

Thanks for the bday wishes!

tkdchick said...

That is looking so pretty!