Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Big Bug

Once a week I just have to turn away from Hawaiian Mandala. The 32 count tightly woven fabric with its carefully counted blue and blue green threads just gets to be too much. So I have come back to Rouge and finished the ladybug in the past two days. The square is not completely finished though. The pattern shows a scattering of light green stitches randomly in the background. The linen I am stitching on is so open that I don't want to cross inches of fabric with DMC thread and I don't want to try to do singleton crosses. Too many of my singleton crosses have become undone. I suppose I could put a drop of glue on the back to hold them together, but I am thinking about using beads and invisible beading thread. I'll decide what to do when the entire pattern is stitched. There are four of the eight squares that have randomly scattered background stitches.

I said that the bug was bigger than the tomato and here you can see that it is. I probably should stitch more of the border before I move to the next square. To the right of the ladybug is a mushroom (with a lot of confetti stitches) and below the tomato are cherries. I'll probably do the cherries when I return to this next week.

But I won't have a lot of time for stitching in the next week. Today we need to finish packing up the returns for the foundation, so that we can drop them off at the post office tomorrow. Tuesday I drop James back at the airport so that he can fly to San Francisco for meetings and doctor appointments. While he is gone I really want to finish the mini art quilt that I started in the quilting class. And I need to find a present for my nephew's baby who will be one on March 11. I hope everyone had a restful weekend.


Barbara said...

That is a gloriously large ladybug! What a cheerful project it is so far. :)

Jeanne said...

Barbara used the same adjective I was going to use! The colors on this piece are so cheerful. Maybe it's the red and white, (or a mixture of food & bugs!) but it reminds me of a picnic! :-)

debijeanm said...

I love the blending of colors in that ladybug! She deserves to be big!

I agree with your booklist criticism. I've read all of Steinbeck's Cannery Row series, any one of which is better literature than The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Kind of wonder who put this together and what they were thinking when they included what they did. Oh, well. Just for fun.

I think I'm finally on the mend after forcing myself to lay low this weekend. My son had this and when I said I think I caught it twice he said EVERYONE he knows who had it, including himself and all the guys at the post office he subs for (and it went through there like wildfire), got it twice. If you managed to keep it to only once you did some good health management!

Dawn said...

I love the ladybug!

Ruth said...

Dang, you're right that's a big ladybug! lol But she's pretty. And you definitely deserve a break from the mandala.

tkdchick said...

Great ladybug! So cheery on a drery day!