Saturday, March 29, 2008

For Anna

I said a couple of sheep patterns might have jumped into my bag of necessary floss. Well, here they are. The first one is a pattern that I first saw on Anna's blog. She did one like this a long time ago. This one has been updated. There are more sheep and a festive garland, but I still love it.

The second one is more serious. It has very some very serious looking sheep on it. I doubt that I will stitch the entire pattern, but there are instructions to make individual sheep ornaments. I really want to do the cute Shropshire with dark feet and face.

Tomorrow, a present from a wonderful person!


Kendra said...

Oh I *love* the breeds of sheep one! I wish I could find a cattle one like it.

BTW, Suffolks are my favorite. While sheep aren't exactly the Einsteins of the animal world, Suffolks (and other black-face breeds) tend to be much smarter than the white-face breeds. If we ever have sheep someday - either raising them or just a couple for 4-H/FFA projects, they'll be Suffolks.

Stitcher said...

I love the first chart you've posted. I'll have to track that one down. I have some sheep fabric, and have been looking for the perfect design to go with it, and that's the one.

Barbara said...

Oh boy, you're going to have so much fun with these! I really like the Breeds of Sheep - and like you, that black one just jumps out at me! ;)

Doris said...

lovely patterns!the second one look great.