Sunday, March 9, 2008


I know that a lot of you Back East are still suffering from a long and snowy winter, but for a week or two here in Nevada it has started to feel like spring. We live in a highly plant restricted community (we love our house, but hate our HOA), so there are not a large variety of trees or bushes that are allowed to be planted. But in the circle in front of our house are four flowering plum trees that are really beautiful for a week or two (until the high winds blow all the petals away). I took these pictures a couple of days ago. It is really nice to see these flowers, as the high desert is not a good place for most of the usual flowering plants like roses and zinnias.

I have been stitching on Hawaiian Mandala but I don't have a picture to show you yet. Maybe tomorrow. I have also been inspired by Jennifer and Allison to get back to updating my FileMaker stash database. I now have all of my DMC threads properly updated. I probably should work on my fabric stash next. I hesitate to work on my patterns as I have entered only a few so far. Entering all the pattern information (fabric, threads, etc.) will take a long time.

Well, maybe I will post this today and maybe I will have to wait until tomorrow. I have tried to upload the tree blossom pictures half a dozen times now and each time Blogger/Google fails. I guess I will go back to tidying up the kitchen and family room. I'll pick up James from the airport in a couple of hours. He's been in San Francisco staging a art gallery show with some friends of his. We will both be in San Francisco on the 19th to stage the art show for our foundation.


Barbara said...

These STUNNING blossoming trees were well worth your repeated efforts to get them posted. They are gorgeous!!

Von said...

You're several weeks ahead of us in Eastern Washington, but it's lovely to get a glimpse of what's ahead. Some of my bulbs are beginning to peek out of their beds - yay!

Isabelle said...

Glorious pictures, Kathryn!
The magnolias and cherry trees started blossoming in Paris last week. That made me so happy.

Oh, and Blogger was a pain yesterday in this corner of the world as well. :(

Chiasmata said...

Beauitful photos! They remind me of home, we had lots of trees lining my street and they always looked beautiful for a few days, until the spring rain started.

Databases are incredibly useful things, but only as useful as the time you put into them I've found. My own DMC database is getting a little outdated too...

Ruth said...

Wow! I love your plum trees. They are all in bloom around here too and they make me want to go play outside.

Good luck on the organizing. When you get yours done you can come tackle mine. lol