Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

After you stitch a pattern or kit, what do you do with it?
Well, a lot of what I have stitched so far has come from a kit. I don't really feel comfortable offering up a chart for a kit, especially a kit with a lot of specialty charms or beads. So for right now I just throw the chart in the drawer with all the stitched, but unfinished items I have stitched. I would be glad to give a used chart to the first person who asked for it, but so far no one has asked.

There hasn't been much stitching around here in the past two days. Blogger has been cranky, so it has taken me almost all day to upload ten more patterns to my Trade for a Sheep blog. If you like samplers, birds, dogs or Coca Cola, you might see something you would like.

Since tomorrow is trash day, I spent a lot of today working on cleaning out my closet. Unused clothes and shoes are going to Safe Habor (a shelter for battered women). Most of what I threw out was from an old rubbermaid tub full of cosmetics. I swear there were some lipsticks in there that I haven't seen since college. Out goes the old perfumes, eyeshadows, half used skin creams, and even a ton of unused lipsticks. Every time we move I can clean out a lot of papers and clothes, but it is the small stuff that just gets put in a bin and dragged to the next house. A friend of mine had a jewelry manthom (a get together where you bring stuff you don't want and can take home other people's stuff that they don't want) last year, so a lot of my costume jewelry went to that. I also went to her cloth and stitching manthom and got rid of some old kits there.

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Barbara said...

Your tidying efforts are inspiring!