Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ta Da!

On Friday I finished stitching Lizzie*Kate's Happy Holidays from the 2006 JCS Ornaments magazine. I didn't change too many of the requested supplies. For the fabric I used Sugar Maple Fabrics Slimey Limey, for the snow I used Rainbow Gallery's Tiara T117 twisted metallic thread and for the snowflake I used Mill Hill's Glass Treasures 12035 glass snowflake rather than Lizzie*Kate's
metal snowflake. Mmmm, I guess that means the only requested supplies I did use were the Weeks Dye Works threads Holly and Curry. This was pretty simple to stitch, but will be a bit trickier to finish. The edge calls for 544 green and 31 silver beads in a twisted cord.

During my long, long meeting yesterday I got this much done of Angel Stitchin's Christmas Joy from the 2006 JCS Ornaments magazine. I also got the new nickname of The Stitcher, though I have stitched during these meetings before. Here I admit to changing everything except the pattern itself. To start out with the two Weeks Dye Works threads they call for have the wrong color numbers. Snowflake is 4125 not 2220. Mascara is 3910, not 1279. Although I have most of the Weeks Dye Works threads, I don't have those two, so I used GAST Black Crow (1040) for the lettering. I'm trying to use this up since I can see very little difference in this and regular DMC 310. The border is supposed to be GAST Cherry Wine (330), but I didn't have any, so I am using WDW Turkish Red (2266) The wide green border is GAST Pine (120), which I did have. The fabric is a lovely tan Lakeside Linens Wood Smoke. The main Christmas tree is supposed to be Crescent Colours Jolly Holly. But since I won't stitch with Crescent Colors, I tried using Six Stand Sweets Green Tea, but Wood Smoke is a bit darker than the Lambswool linen called for, so that green is too dull to show up well against the fabric. I also tried a line of WDW Kudzu. Again too dull. The picture in the magazine shows a really vibrant green. I am going to stop stitching this for now and go on to my last ornament. Tomorrow I will go to a LNS and pick another thread for the tree. I have nothing scheduled for today, so I intend to spend all of my time stitching.

The past four days have been full of activities, but all of them have turned out well. The flight to San Francisco was uneventful. We always enjoy our yearly meeting with our foundation lawyer. We hung the show Thursday, had docent training on Friday morning and a reception on Friday evening. Five of the artists in the show turned up, some with their models. Saturday I dropped James off in Half Moon Bay for his art show reception and headed down to the Santa Clara Hyatt for a Baycon (regional science fiction convention) board meeting. I've been attending these conventions since 1983 and have been on the board of directors for a decade. It was good to see old friends. Today James and I had a picnic on the roof of our San Francisco condo (sunny but with a chilly wind). Tomorrow we have a few small errands and on Tuesday afternoon we fly back to Nevada. How much stitching can I get done before we leave?


Ruth said...

Congrats, The Stitcher! lol So, how's BayCon looking for this year?

I love the ornies and I'm so impressed with how much ya'll have been getting done. I'm going to try channeling you tomorrow when I'm packing up the misc detritus.

Chiasmata said...

There's nothing wrong with a bit of thread substitution. :) Did you get any questions about stitching xmas ornies in March during your meeting? I feel weird stitching festive outside of December... maybe that's why I always do it in such a frenzy.

tkdchick said...

Nicely done... I find with a lot of these simpler ornaments changing the colours is not a pain... I tend to go with what's on hand an not buy anything.

debijeanm said...

Wow, you had a productive weekend! I am inspired by your focus!

Barbara said...

Sounds like you're busy, but happily so. Love your recent stitching!! :D