Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you Count?

After a certain amount of searching around, I found some stacking drawers that will work well for sorting linens. But before I put them all away, I want to make sure they are all in my database. So as I was going through my fabric stash I came upon this unopened package of Zweigart Belfast. Now I have been stitching on 32 count evenweave for Hawaiian Mandala and 28 count linen for Rouge. This fabric looked a lot more like the Rouge fabric than the Mandala fabric. After measuring a half dozen times, the best I could come up with for this piece of fabric was 24 count! WOW! I have always just accepted the count written on the package. Now the piece inside is 18" x 18", but with the count so far off, if I had tried to use it for any stitching I probably would have run out of room! This is scary. It makes me want to remeasure all the fabric I have or at least take a look at some of the higher count ones.

Another project that I have been working on has been logging all the books I have read in the past year in LibraryThing, most of them rated and reviewed. I know I read a lot, but exactly how much? Well, since April 7, 2007, I have read 117 books; 96 fiction, 21 nonfiction; 50 science fiction, 30 fantasy, 16 mystery; 9 anthologies. That is not counting several dozen SF magazines, cooking magazines, Reason, and the random cereal box. I have been stitching a lot more in the last year, so the count is down from 150 - 200 that I normally read in a year.

Well, back to the database. We will be traveling to Hawaii on Thursday until the 21th. I have no idea if I will get much rest, but I will be stitching!


Chiasmata said...

Nope, I don't check the fabric count before I use it. In fact, I rarely remember to check what the fabric count actually is! Which is how I end up with 1 inch biscornus and 25cm pinkeeps. :) 24 to 32ct is a bit of a jump though, not good quality control.

That's an impressive reading list! I love reading but just don't have the time any more... I haven't managed more than 200 pages this year. Maybe you can read enough for the both of us?

Meari said...

Good thing you checked it! Most of my fabric isn't marked so I usually check it to make sure it's big enough.

Barbara said...

I suspect that actual fabric count and the fabric count that's recorded on a package often don't correlate, but we don't notice because we've left a big enough margin. Frustrating.

I don't read as much as I used to, but I think I enjoy it more. Or do I just tell myself that? ;)