Friday, April 25, 2008


You know how it goes. First you just need some supplies. In this case, I decided as much as I dislike Crescent Colours thread, if I wanted this ornament to come out correctly, I should just order Jolly Holly and frog all the beautiful Weeks Dye Works Envy that I had stitched for the tree. Yes, unfortunately, the Jolly Holly is light enough that the black lettering will not just disappear. So if I want to finish this ornament for the Christmas Stitch A Long this weekend, I better start frogging.

But, of course, when you are browsing around an ONS, there are probably going to be a lot of beautiful things that you see there also. And if they have sheep, well, I guess I have no resistance at all. While I was so conveniently online, I just happened to spot these three booklets with cute sheep and they just jumped into my cart.

And I also have a weakness for Halloween designs. I had seen this ABC Halloween from Hinzeit stitched up in the Lexington, Kentucky, LNS. I looked all over for the chart, but they were out. Since Hinzeit charts were also on sale at this ONS, I also had to grab this cute flip flops chart, especially since I wear flip flops almost every day, except in Las Vegas in winter and San Francisco most of the cool, cool year.

There has been NO stitching since I got back to Nevada. We went to the Corflu meet and greet last night. I spent a delightful time talking to my friends from Florida, Tony and Judy.

Today James and I have been trying to plan out our trips for the rest of the year. We are trying to decide if we are going to try for 1K status (100,000 miles) on United airlines this year. Most years we are between 70 - 80,000 miles. We have a cruise out of Lisbon, Portugal, planned for October. One more transoceanic trip ought to give us enough miles. We have some time free in September. James is suggesting Bali or New Zealand, and I am thinking about Paris or Scandanavia. We have plenty of time to decide this. Maybe it will just be back to Hawaii. Just because we can travel, doesn't mean we have the energy to do so. But those empty spaces in the calendar do tempt us to fill them up.

As far as the house goes, we now have a new thermostat and a new external DVD burner for James. I still need to call the window guy and the tree guy.


Chiasmata said...

Ah, ONSes can be dangerous. I always throw in a few extras, just to save on postage, y'know?

It's a shame you have to frog that lovely green, but I guess it would be better for the design.

Margaret said...

You should definitely try New Zealand. It truly is Gods Zone but I am biased as I was born here!!
We do have stitching shops too and you could even increase your stash