Friday, April 11, 2008

Subverted Paradigm

Sorry, Chiloe. I said I didn't do samplers, but here is my latest stitching -- a sampler. I was looking for a spring design to try my new pastel colors, especially the new to me DMC Variegated threads. Instead I picked this design and changed everything about it. First, instead of solid color letters, I used DMC 4030 (Monet’s Garden) which is not exactly pastel. Then I got rid of all the pastel lavenders and mauves and changed them to colors found in the variegated thread. I even changed the greens from Moss Green to Avocado Green, because I didn't have two of the Moss Greens. Might as well change the entire color family if you are missing even one thread. The best part about this is that I am stitching on some unnamed, uncounted fabric from Silkweavers that I got in their grab bag. Using up stash is always a good thing. I stitched this on the five and half hour plane flight yesterday, but I should have time today to finish the letters and start on the flowers. Maybe I'll start on the flowers anyway. I want to see how the changed colors look. I hope everyone reading this has a good weekend.


Barbeeque4 said...

Very pretty DMC colour, and a great little chart!!!

Dawn said...

Great start! I love the color:)