Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We Are Stopping NOW!

Well, I finally have most of my fabric in the database and in my new stacked organizing drawers. There are still some very large pieces (afghan sized), odd kits (a bank, a mirror, a wall switch plate, some coasters), and perforated paper in a separate plastic box. There are also a few unmeasured pieces (unknown count, unknown size). I measured some unknowns, but got tired of doing it. But I know now for sure that I have TOO MUCH FABRIC! I am going on a fabric fast right now. The problem is Silkweaver. They have a sale of solo hand dyed fabrics every Tuesday morning. If the fabric is sparkly or blue or green or all three, I'll probably buy it. The only thing that has saved me from having twice as much fabric is that many of the pieces I like are already sold out by the time I get to their website. But that still leaves me with over 100 pieces of fabric, mostly blue or green or purple. If I buy any fabric at all it should be white or beige. I have some, but not a lot.

I also have a LOT of Aida. Some of it I bought before I decided to never stitch on Aida again. Some of it is from kits, where I replaced the Aida with linen or evenweave. If any one wants some Aida (white, black, blue, ivory), just email me and I will send it to you after I get back from Hawaii at the end of the month.

We leave for Hawaii tomorrow. The issue is what stitching to bring with me. I know I have Warm Water Wash there to finish, but what else comes with? I received a lot of beautiful spring colored threads in a DMC exchange, but when I look through my patterns I find a lot of Halloween and Christmas pattens, but not really anything with pastels or spring patterns. I've been checking some freebie patterns, but nothing tempts me so far. I have to decide soon, especially on what I will stitch on the airplane.

As a bibliophile, I have been hooked an a Flickr group called, the Bookshelf Project. I finally took a picture of the bookshelf in the Master Bedroom and posted it with notes. There are still five other large bookshelves in this house to shoot, but they will have to wait for later.

Back to cleaning the cat room and tidying up the kitchen. It's raining in Maui, but we should have some sunny days. We are considering taking the Ferry to Oahu. We wanted to take it for the shopping when we were furnishing the cottage, but the cottage is done, so other than to take the Ferry for the experience alone, we don't have much we have to do on Oahu except eat in some of our favorite restaurants. :-) I hope this post finds every well and enjoying Spring (or Autumn for those Down Under).


Chiasmata said...

Lol! I think someone should start up Silkweavers Anonymous! I check out their new solos every week too, but I've never bought one. My maths is so horrible by the time I've figured out how much it is, plus postage and then put that into Australian dollars my urge to buy has wandered off somewhere else. :)

I certainly think stashing fabric is as much fun as stitching, if not more. I've had pieces in my stash for a few years because they're 'too nice' to cut up and stitch on. How silly is that? :P

Congrats on organising all your fabbies, and have fun in Hawaii.

Doris said...

have a good trip :D and enjoy the beutiful Hawaii ;)

Barbara said...

Just say no! LOL!!!

I actually like that idea of a Silkweaver's Anonymous...

Ruth said...

Wow! Wow to the fabric. [I completely understand what you mena though... I have ooo-pretty-blue-green-purple disease too. I also have ooo-pretty-tan-ish disease as well.] Wow to the organizing. Wow to the bookshelf. Sheesh!!!

Travel safely. I'm going to go hop in through you window and sit and read for a while. :)

P.S. Chias. is right, there should be a Silkweavers Annonymous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi ..have a great time in Hawaii!

If you really want to get rid of some Aida, thats all I use so I would be glad to take some and lighten your load of fabrics! hahaha!


Itching To Stitch said...

I thought I had more hand-dyed linen than anyone alive, but I think you beat me ;)

Barbara said...

I just came across your blog and have been going through all your posts when I found this one about you wanting to get rid of some aida. I would like to stitch the Book of Ink Circles SAL on black aida. I have every other color, but not black. If you have an 18" x 22" piece you'd like to part with, I'd be happy to receive it from you. Just thought I'd ask before I place an online order for it. I've loved reading your blog & plan to return.
Barb in TX