Friday, May 16, 2008

A Bit More Rouge

After a few days of Hawaiian Mandala, it was time to move from blues to reds. This next section of Rouge is not so much of a picnic piece. When I finish the backstitching it will say Fraise, French for Strawberry, as in jam. I want to work on this section until it is done, then move on to the next section, a plaid heart. I don't know if I will get back to Hawaiian Mandala before we leave for the San Francisco Bay Area on Wednesday morning.

Things are moving on the convention here in July; moving slowly, but moving. But the convention we are going to in Santa Clara is having major problems. Although the convention has been running for decades, we are in a new hotel this year. I am not a department or division head, but I am on the board of directors. So I am spending many hours on the phone with different people trying to talk them out of trees. They don't call some people Drama Llamas for no reason! I will try to stitch this weekend, but I don't know if I will actually put in enough hours to call it a Stitch-A-Thon.


Itching To Stitch said...

Rouge is pretty. I love those shades of red ;)

Barbara said...

Drama llamas! LMAO! I've never heard that one before, but you can bet I'll use it!

Ruth said...

Ya gotta love the llamas! :) Ok, maybe not.

Love the progress on Rouge. Of course, now you've made me want strawberries. Sigh.

laura said...

beautiful stitching

Suzanne said...

This is a great design and I really love the colours.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

I found your blog last week and I've had a lot of fun reading all of your old posts.

It may not seem like it, but you've accomplished a lot in the last year or so. Keep stitching!

I've also enjoyed your posts about Hawaii - just beautiful pictures.

I've enjoyed your posts about technical matters. I'm also from big iron and still working on it. IBM mainframe and mid-range system programmer.

I've also enjoyed reading about how you organize the different conventions. Our daughter has been participating in Otakon for the last couple of summers.

It's fun driving around downtown to see how everyone is dressed up. She has several girlfriends who dress in elaborate costumes though she just attends wearing her fox ears and tail. :-)

I'm thinking about ordering Martina's "Egypt Garden" though right now I don't have time to work on it!

You have also convinced me to order one or more Bent Creek sheep. I'm not a sheep person but I've loved reading about these! Now to decide on which one!!!

I'm looking forward to reading and seeing your future adventures!

Windy Meadow