Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Bit More

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the last post. Actually this is not stitched over one. It is 2 over 2 (silks) and 1 over 2 (metallics) on 32 count hand dyed (Silkweavers) Jazlyn. Jazlyn is a very heavy fabric, so the individual threads are not that visible except close up. I wanted a heavy fabric since this is a large piece (21" x 21" when finished) with a lot of jewels and beads (most of the unstitched parts in the center of the cross stitch). I did manage to get into a more normal sleeping pattern. I even woke up before my alarm clock Sunday morning! But last night I again had a lot of trouble sleeping, so who knows what my sleeping schedule will be like the rest of the week.

When I came back to this after not stitching for a few days, I seemed to breeze right through. Although I still have a LOT to organize, I needed some stitching time, so I spent about four hours stitching last night. I even started the last corner motif with some green thread left over from finishing the green in the southwest corner. The next color that needs some attention is black for the border and some interior boxes. But I think I will put this down for a while and stitch something else.

We did get some things done in the last week. On Saturday DirecTv was out and put up a new five band satellite dish. This gave us a bunch more HD channels, but also a new non-TiVo receiver. The receiver has already had some glitches, so I don't know how long we will have television. I'd rather have no television at all than Cox Cable. We also had a meeting at our house with the publicity people for the convention that is barreling towards us. I fed them a lovely spring supper of Baby Greens with Shrimp and SuperSweet tomatoes; Veal Marsala, Flavored Basmati Rice, Fresh Asparagus with Lemon; and Homemade Short Biscuits with Fresh Strawberries. These were some of the best strawberries I have had in years. Some of them were overripe, but it was worth losing a few and get strawberries that were red (and flavorful) inside and not just white and cardboardy. Organizing again today, but maybe a bit more stitching tomorrow.


Dawn said...

It's beautiful!!!

Suzanne said...

This is piece is really looking beautiful.

Sounds like you served up a yummy dinner. I love strawberries, but it is so hard to find really tasty and juicy ones.