Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh So Close

After we got done packing up most of the photos from the foundation exhibit yesterday afternoon, I got a bit of concentrated time to stitch. I was really hoping that I would be able to finish this last night, but I needed to try to get some sleep so that we could go back this morning and ship everything back to the artists. Still I might finish this today. I just have two stripes, three flag panels and four feet to stitch. This would be the fourth sheep in this series from Bent Creek that I will have stitched. There are probably a half dozen more in the series, but I only have two more of the kits.

Interestingly enough, I stitched most of this listening to the Oakland As beat the Toronto Blue Jays (3 - 1). I used to do all my stitching listening to baseball games. I even listened to the radio at the park when we had season tickets to the As, but I never brought any stitching to the park -- too cramped and windy. When we moved to Nevada and gave up our great seats behind home plate I tried to listen to baseball games through XM radio, but it was not the same. Although they broadcast all the games, the away games announcers are from the home team. Part of the joy of baseball is knowing the announcers and listening to their familiar voices and jokes. It's not the same listening to announcers from the other team. It was also sad that our favorite announcer, Bill King, died shortly after we moved. So it was good to listen to a game and stitch.

Although the convention went well for us, there was much drama behind the scenes. I am pretty much beyond the point of enjoying talking people down from trees, so I have resigned from their board of directors. One less set of meetings that I have to keep track of. I really live too far away from the San Francisco Bay Area to keep up with events here.

I am off to the museum to pack and label the last of the boxes, then back to the loft to pack, and flying back to Nevada (until July) this evening. It will be good to be home again, though I did enjoy buying some amazing apricots (three varieties) from the Farmers Market yesterday morning. I hope everyone's week is going well.


Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

We have a sheep! Well you can almost see all of her. :-)

I know what you mean about talking people out of trees. One of the hardest volunteer jobs is organizing/coordinating other volunteers. Sigh...

Have a great week and yes I do need to order one of those sheep. I may just draw a sheep name out of a hat! :-)

Windy Meadow

Kendra said...

Cute little lobster and crab! Looks like the lobster is ready to conduct an orchestra...LOL! Makes me think of Sebastian from "The Little Mermaid". Yes, Sebastian was a crab and not a lobster...but still. :-)

Barbara said...

You stopped stitching so you could sleep?! Shame on you!

LOL ;)

Chiasmata said...

Your sheep is looking great! Very cute. Ah, diplomacy. Science departments don't do diplomacy very well. I guess that's why there's always some sort of academic war going on in any science institution. I don't blame you for throwing in the towel!