Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been working hard on the convention, but since I got the Program Book to the printers Sunday night (OK, really early Monday morning -- hooray for FTP), I did take some time yesterday to work on Hawaiian Mandala. The western motif is now done and there is a good start on the northwestern motif. Even when the entire pattern looks done, there is still a circle of gold stitches around the black outer line to do, 24 16-stitch Algerian eyelets to stitch in the boxes in the corner motifs and some gold backstitching to do in the four large boxes near the center. It still looks like I might finish most of it before we leave for San Francisco and Maui on July 9. Then on to Part 2. I have a goal to finish 8 parts of 12 this year. Maybe, maybe not.

I also need to decide if I am going to take a small pattern with me during the convention. I usually take something, even if I don't actually have a lot of time to stitch anything. Since Musing Badger will be there, I can ask her what I should work on. Hey, Ruth, any suggestions? Maybe I should bring out some needlepoint for a change.

I would like to thank all the people who pointed me to some great tin toppers, especially Jennifer. I increased my stash by way, way too much by getting some terrific patterns by Samplers and Such. Once I started I just couldn't stop. At least they are small, right? I could do a couple pretty quickly?

Then since I finished Warm Water Wash in Maui, I will need another largish project for the two weeks we will be there. Though James wants me to make a set of curtains from the fabric we bought in San Francisco last month. After our busy last three months, it is really good to start to look forward to some down time with just projects for us.


Barbara said...

Naughty, naughty! Now you'll have to start cranking out beautiful tins!

Jennifer said...

Mandala is looking awesome!

And I can't wait to see which tin toppers you picked. They're usually quick stitches, and once you get the hang of finishing the tins, they're quite satisfying.

Suzanne said...

Your mandala is looking really good. I look forward to seeing some of your tin toppers soon.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Yep, now we need to see some tin projects. How about taking several of these to work on while you are in Maui instead of one large project and you can also take them to the convention?

Or how about another sheep for the convention? There are still several in the series.

I love how Mandala is developing and this is only the first section! I keep debating about ordering Egypt Garden but I want to finish a large project or two before ordering the chart and trying to track down all of the materials.

Windy Meadow

Chiasmata said...

Looking good! Tins look like they're fun to stitch, and a great way to play with floss and fabric.

Have fun picking out your new start, I always love rifeling through my stash.