Friday, June 27, 2008


As soon as I mentioned that I still had some gold metallic to stitch around the edges, I knew I had to stitch it right now. I thought I might leave it until the end, because most of it is easy to stitch without looking at the pattern -- as long as you skip two stitches in the corners and one at the points. But I was feeling like some easy stitching, so out came the gold.

As long as I was stitching gold, I thought I might try and do the backstitching around the four large center squares. Mmmm, I don't think this is going to show up very much when the center jewel is attached, but when this is all finished most the of details will be lost in the overall huge design.

I did finish off about half of the northwest corner and am verging into the top half and even the top motif. The only difficult part now is that I am going to start running out of places to stitch short lengths of thread. As long as I had one more motif to stitch, if I finished stitching silver on the west motif, I could just continue stitching silver on the north motif. I just have about five stitches to do with Pond Scum (that yellow green at the base of the "peacock feather"). I don't know when I will stitch with that color again. The colors in Part Two are almost all completely different. I haven't even expanded and printed out Part Two yet. Maybe I will take a look at it this weekend. I know I won't be working on any Christmas Ornaments. I am still so done with Christmas. It's 105 degrees here in Vegas!

Mostly I am still working on bits and pieces of the convention. We will pick up the program book from the printers on Monday. We have a hotel pre-meeting on Tuesday. Jerome and Elizabeth will be here Tuesday evening to catalog the mail-in art that has been sent to our house. The formal move-in hotel meeting is 3 pm on Wednesday, though the truck from Los Angeles with the art flats should be here Wednesday morning. And everything starts officially at 9 am on Thursday. I might get some stitching done, but I don't know how much time I will have to post. Closing ceremonies are at 4 pm on Sunday and we need to be out of the convention center by 6 pm. We will be staying at the hotel from Wednesday to Monday morning. And the following Wednesday we fly to San Francisco, then Maui on the following Friday. We will need a break by then. Happy weekend, everyone!


Miss 376 said...

This piece is stunning, love watching it grow

Itching To Stitch said...

This is so pretty. Your stitching is really beautiful ;)

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Mandala is just looking beautiful!

Thank you for the close up pictures so we can see the detail.

I'm also enjoying reading about the convention. You know that a convention requires a lot of work and coordination but it's interesting to read how one is pulled together.

Have fun at the convention and when you are in Maui! Posting can wait. :-)

Windy Meadow

Daffycat said...

Most beautifulist bling ever!

Ruth said...

Wow. Lovely, simply lovely and amazing and DAUNTING! lol but "pond scum green" -- I've never heard a more apt color name! Kudos.

Have fun (if possible) prepping and conning. I'm sorry to say (and thoroughly depressed about it too, I might add) that I won't be with you all. Due to work idiocy I am stuck here. I'm trying to console myself that at least it's not 105 here..... therefore I can sustain my Chrismtas ornie binge. I'll miss fandom and you particularly most desperately!!!!