Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's A Tree!

Yes, it's a tree and part of a roof and some hills and some sky and not much of a chimney. Whenever I get a minute, I am sitting in my stitching chair and working away at this design. Now that I have picked out some alternative threads for the chimney pots and stitched a large amount of the small z blended threads, the rest of the design is going quite swimmingly. Like all Michael Powell designs this is going to look pretty "blobby" until I start adding the backstitching at the end. Those little bits of salmon to the left of the tree will be houses seen in the distance. The bits of yellow green on the left are bits of another tree in the foreground. The house itself is a timbered Tutor. Since it uses quite different threads than the trees and roof, I am thinking about abandoning page one altogether and moving to the right to finish the rest of the sky, hills, and roofs. But I am also feeling guilty about ignoring Hawaiian Mandala. Maybe I will even take it to Hawaii in July, so I can finish up part one.

But not much will get stitched today. I am sure that normal people actually have weekends, where they kick back and do something fun, but since we spend a lot of our time working on conventions (which always occur on weekends), our busiest times are weekends. Today is space allocation and supply list day.


Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

I can relate about being busy on weekends. Some weeks I joke that I'm glad to go back to work on Monday so I can rest!

This weekend was nuts but school will be out on Tuesday so life will slow down a good bit and I'm ready! :-)

You have stitched quite a bit even considering how busy you are. I enjoyed seeing your earlier Michael Powell designs and you are right in that they didn't look like much until you added the back stitching. I can kind of see the shapes but it's going to look so much better once you add in the back stitching. Looking forward to seeing this design come together. :-)

In very hot Windy Meadow. Temperatures are in the upper nineties.

Daffycat said...

I'm glad you described what I was looking at so I could "see" it; the stitching itself looks wonderful!

I like to save backstitching until the end too...I love watching the picture come to life as it's added!

Chiasmata said...

Well, it's the holiday Monday for the Queen's Birthday long weekend over here. And where am I? Sitting at uni waiting for my PCR reaction to finish. I guess some people have exciting weekends... but I'm not one of 'em. :P

I don't think I could stitch a Michael Powell, I *have* to backstitch as I go. Otherwise I just get really cranky with the pattern. Sometimes I start backstitching too early, and end up in a muddle when I need to frog my stitching or something. Oops.

afeatheradrift said...

Such lovely work. I can but admire. I don't know as I can ever do what you do. I'm completely boggled by the these gauge thread counts. I'm doing well to do 18, when you are doing in the 30's? LOL.