Friday, June 6, 2008

PIF Goodies from Ruth!

I am sure that poor Ruth was convinced that her lovely package had been eaten by USPS. But no, it arrived safe and sound two days ago. It's just that it arrived during a monstrous effort to be ready for the hotel meeting yesterday and the marathon hotel meeting itself. Today was the first day that I could get the camera out and take a picture of what she sent me as a Pay It Forward.

And what I got was lovely and tremendously useful. First is her handstitched ornament with in a gorgeous blue, but notice those eyecatching beads at the edges. I want to hang it somewhere where it will catch the light. Then three skeins of Vickie Clayton silk, all of which are calling out for a project immediately. I hope they will wait for me. And also a gorgeous skein of Silk 'n Colors Stormy Skies. I need some crisp white linen to show that thread off to its best advantage. Then also some lovely Soy Luster. Ruth says it is best for needlepoint, but having used Rainbow Gallery Designer's Dream for cross stitch, I bet I could use this for cross stitch, too.

The fabric this is sitting on is some Sunbrella cloth I got in San Francisco. I want to make two patio chair cushions. Right now they are naked wrought iron. I keep telling myself that I could make them up next week if I get all my convention projects done. But that is probably wishful thinking.

But a Pay It Forward package means just that. I need to Pay Ruth's kindness forward to five other stitchers. Anyone who leave a comment on this entry will be randomly drawn for a PIF gift from me. I will draw names on Tuesday, June 10 after I take James to the airport. Yes, he is making a very quick trip to San Francisco, but will be back in time for the Pool Party on July 15.


Barbeeque4 said...

What a lovely PIF!!! That is some beautiful fabric for cushions!

Suzanne said...

That's a great PIF gift and I really love the colour of the threads.

Sonda in OR said...

Doesn't Ruth just do a lovely job??? It's beautiful!

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Ruth did a lovely job on your PIF and I love the blue stitching!

She also sent you some wonderful threads. I've used the Silk n'Colors and the Soy Luster. You are going to enjoy both. I haven't tried Vicki Clayton's silks as I do primarily needlepoint. Since everyone raves about them I might have to get out one of my Cross Stitch patterns and try them. What a nice package!

You don't need to add me to your PIF as I know I won't have time to PIF anyone else, unless we count all of my charity and teaching needlework to youngsters as a way of Paying it Forward!

I still need to get the CMSI Cross Stitch and Needlepoint kits organized for next year and finish stitching up my sample bookmark for the August, 2008 older girl camping weekend! :-)

Thank goodness school lets out next week and after a meeting/ceremony tonight I'm almost done! Well that is except for the leader meeting next week, and the day camp which I help organize which is the last week in June and the older girl weekend in August. Whoosh! But I'm having fun!!! :-)

Windy Meadow

Chiasmata said...

What a beautiful gift. The ornie has the most delicate colours, and beatiful finishing. And threads are always a welcome gift.

Your blog and a sale over at Jayne's Attic has enticed me over to the darkside of needlepoint! I bought a beginners kit, complete with lovely House of Embroidery Thread and it's now sitting in my stitching box. I can't wait to start.

I'd love to participate in a PIF. :D