Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tin Toppers Anyone?

Being very fond of Altoids, I have collected a lot of empty tins. I think it is about time to stitch some designs for these empty tins, but I have a small problem. I don't have any patterns that are actually designed for these small tins. I could start going those my magazines, but most of them are for Christmas ornaments. I'm holding off stitching Christmas patterns until the weather cools down under 100 degrees. I might find a few patterns that I can cut down from larger patterns, but some of those are square or more vertical than horizontal. Can any kind stitcher point me to some patterns (free or not) that would work on this size object? Thank you in advance.

And stealing a meme from Kendra:

Where were you 10 years ago? June 1998? 1998 was a whirlwind year! Late in 1997 we bought a house in Burlingame, California. It was elderly (built in 1927) and hadn't seen much upkeep for the last 20 years. It needed a new roof, completely new electrical wiring, refinished floors, and a totally new kitchen. By June we were approaching the end of most of the rough work, but there were still finishing details that needed to be done before we moved into it. So while we were finishing the "new" house, we were also working on repairing the "old" house in Moss Beach to put it on the market.

We had spent the last two years working on a Westercon bid for Honolulu in 2000. The voting would be in San Diego, CA, over the Fourth of July weekend, 1998, so we were preparing for the last parties before voting. I was also a Division Head for the upcoming Worldcon, BucConeer in Baltimore, Maryland, 5 August - 9 August, 1998. There were dozens of details to cover via email and phone before that started. And even while all this was going on, my husband was in school in San Francisco working on his MFA. We were also part of the bid committee for a 2002 Worldcon in San Francisco.

Five things on your to do list for today -
  1. Go to Costco and pick up some chairs, since the old chairs we bought new slings for are so corroded that the person who tried to install the new slings on Thursday couldn't do it.
  2. Do food shopping for the party tomorrow.
  3. Order and pickup an ice cream pie from Baskin Robbins.
  4. Arrange the patio furniture for the party and get out the pool plates and glasses.
  5. Try to get some of the books and boxes in the back hall put away so we don't look like we just moved in.

Snack foods I like - Popcorn (sometimes for dinner). Chips. Blood orange sorbet.

If I were a billionaire - We really have everything we need and so does our immediate family. We already have too many houses. So...probably buy/lease a private jet. I love to fly in small planes. I'd love to even ride in one, but can't justify the incredible expense. Increase the awards from our private art foundation (it's less expensive than one trip in a private jet). Fund the new building for the Peninsula Art Museum.

Places I’ve lived - Born in Oak Park, IL, lived in Arlington Heights, IL, Brookfield, WI (multiple times), Lombard, IL, Westport, CT, Johnstown, PA (multiple houses), Western Springs, IL, Norwalk, CT, Marion, OH, St. Croix, VI, Evanston, IL (multiple places), Barrington, IL, Boston, MA, Lexington, KY, Eugene, OR, Auckland, NZ, Cupertino, CA, Half Moon Bay, CA, Moss Beach, CA, Burlingame, CA, San Francisco, CA, Lahaina, HI (two houses), Honolulu, HI, and Henderson, NV. I think I have left out a few places, probably in Illinois.


Sandra said...

There are lots of freebies suitable for Altoids tins on the Victoria Sampler web site. This is the link:-

Hope that works.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Victoria Sampler has a few free patterns at;

Sweet Pea or Clematis

We Shall Overcome

Needles and Scissors

Tiny Things

Blackberry Patch

Petit Point Alphabet
Now that you have the basic size from the patterns above, you can stitch a name or a monogram.

Victorian Nametag
Might fit or reduce size around name to fit on a tin.

Note: After typing this up I then read the comments and saw that Sandra had already pointed you in the direction of Victoria Sampler. Oh, well, now you have direct page links. :-)

Lot’s of free patterns on Rainbow Gallery’s cross stitch page which can be resized or use motifs for a tin top.

USA Tin Box Topper from Rainbow Gallery

Or you can stitch one of those wonderful sheep or their helpers for a tin top. Just add a checkered border and you are set!

Hope these help !

Windy Meadow

Chiasmata said...

Daffycat has a freebie sheeps and crab on her blog - both critters I've seen quite often here on your own blog. :)

Linen Stitcher said...

Samplers & Such designed a series of patterns called Tin Toppers that I've used in the past. House of Stitches has a good selection.

Go to:

Our Catalog

Then search for:
Tin Toppers

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Here's one I think would appeal to you:

There's more here:

White Hart Designs also has some nice ones:

Barbie Chiu said...

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