Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Kind of Stash

Fall may be my favorite time of year. No, not the turning of the leaves, because the trees around here rarely turn colors. No, not just the cooler temperatures, though they are appreciated, especially if the pool is still warm. But fall is the start of the Publishers Sweepstakes! No, not that silly contest you get in the mail. This is the hot time of the year to publish the most (and the best) books for consideration for yearly awards. If your book was published in January, most reviewers will have forgotten it by now. People just want beach reading in the summer, so starting in late August and early September, we get to see some really great books from some really great authors. Some of them have been published recently to avoid the fall rush. I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon while we were in Hawaii, knowing that they would be waiting for me when I got back and that I would have them to read on our trip to Denver. I've already finished An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham. Only book three of four, but I have been waiting for them all since I finished the first one. As you can see, although I predominately read science fiction, there is a mystery there from Laura Lippman and a novel by Douglas Coupland. I have been reading his quirky novels since Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. How could a tech geek not love the author of Microserfs? I want to finish these all before Anathem by Neal Stephenson comes out on September 9. That book will be huge and take a long time, even for me, to read. (Woo! Hoo! UPS just delivered Lord Tophet by Gregory Frost. The first book in this series, Shadowbridge, has been on my Top Five Hugo List for 2008 list since I read it.)

But that doesn't mean I have been neglecting my stitching. I have a little more done on Bad Hare Day. More letters, more borders, more stars, and more rabbit. Though it looks like I won't be able to finish it in July, unless our friends arrive even later than they are supposed to. We have two friends driving down from the San Francisco Bay Area for the weekend. They may arrive this evening, or tomorrow, or Friday... I love Elisa, but she once was 12 hours late for a meeting. With her it is always just one more thing. Since we are mostly concerned with packing up for our drive to Denver starting on Monday, whenever she gets here will be just fine.


Itching To Stitch said...

I've been in a book reading mood for about a month now. If I pass a bookstore I have to go in and buy a book. Love your stack (stash) of books ;)

debijeanm said...

Thanks so much for the Quiltique recommendation. I think we'll try that instead of Nancy's this trip. Or do both if Mom wants.

You have a safe trip, too!

"See" you when we get back!


Barbara said...

Drool, drool, drool. And a new Neal Stephenson book coming out? Oh joy!!

Sherry said...

How neat! I am going by the bookstore this weekend and you have wet my appetite!

Have a safe trip!

Pumpkin said...

Oh, I love Bad Hare Day :o) He's so cute!

I find it so interesting to see what others are reading. Thanks for posting your book stash. LOL!