Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't Kit While Asleep!

Here is my newest start, Bent Creek's Bad Hare Day. I stitched the border and H, I, J on the plane and the rest of the letters and star last night. Have I fallen into a habit of only stitching monochrome patterns? Rouge is mostly red, Hawaiian Mandala mostly blue, and this is mostly brown, even though the star is GAST's Tarnished Gold. I thought I had everything correctly kitted up to start a Kit & Bixby sheep, but no. I cut out fabric of the right size (the same as Bad Hare Day), but somehow I didn't read the count correctly and both of the pieces of fabric are Antique White linen in 32 count. The sheep should be on 28 count (better for stitching on planes). Also, although the Kit & Bixby sheep say to use Antique White, when I was ironing the linen on a white towel I noticed that this linen is more ecru than white. The fabric looks fine with Bad Hare Day, but the sheep is predominately gray, so I really think it needs a bright white as shown in the model. I might even be able to buy some here on Maui at Ben Franklin's, who carries a few DMC threads and cross stitch supplies.

The other problem with this pattern is though I know that I bought all the threads from Stitcher's Paradise when I bought the pattern, I just could not find the Weeks Dye Works Cocoa. Did I forget to put it away? Did I pull it out for use with another pattern? This wouldn't have been an issue if we hadn't been leaving. But in all of San Francisco, there are no cross stitch stores. Yes, some lovely needlepoint stores, but none that carry Weeks Dye Works. My husband had the car all day Thursday, so I will have to rely on the kindness of a stitcher to get this finished in Maui (which also has no cross stitch specialty stores).

We are here safely on Maui. I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous here. Warm, yes, but the breeze keeps you cool. I have very little planned except stitching. OK, like any house there are a dozen small projects that need doing, but if they don't get done, no one will notice except us.


Barbara said...

Hip, hip hooray for ignorning house chores in favor of stitching!! You're a woman after my own heart! :)

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Don't you just hate when that happens? You kit up everything and than you find you are missing something and there are no stores in the area. This either happens while I'm on vacation or late at night when I had my heart set on stitching that particular design. Argh... LOL!

At least you have the "Bad Hare Day" to stitch while you are there.

I loved your description of Maui. Sounds absolutely wonderful! Here it's 91 with a heat index of 95 and thunderstorms are on their way. At least the air is moving.

Have a wonderful time on Maui and I'm looking forward to your next post of "Bad Hare Day".

Windy Meadow