Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not So Much

This was the Stitch-A-Thon weekend. I did some stitching on Friday and a lot more on Saturday. I wanted to get this top section of Rocket done before starting on the extensive backstitching. I thought I would do the backstitching on Sunday, but instead I spent most of that day wrestling with united.com.

I am the travel agent for the family. We make almost all of our travel arrangements online so that we can pick the exact flights and seats that we want. We try to make most of our arrangement at least six months ahead of time. So it was time to nail down the rest of our travel until the end of the year. Making the arrangements for Lexington for Christmas was easy, but getting the overseas flights to Lisbon for October was a nightmare. Sometimes I know United has a particular flight at a particular time, but their website refuses to allow me that choice of flight. Instead we went around and around about flights from Las Vegas to Montreal to Munich or San Francisco to Newark to Frankfort. But if you are very, very persistant and specific, you can eventually get the exact flights you want and the exact seats. We are now booked on a San Francisco flight directly to Frankfort, then Barcelona for a couple of days, then Lisbon where we will get on a cruise ship for two weeks. After the cruise we will spend a few days in Lisbon, then Frankfort, San Franciso, and eventually Las Vegas. I know I will get a lot of stitching done on the boat, but I have no idea what kind of internet access will be available. Previously it has been none (the Ukraine) to some (a very odd keyboard in a small Paris hotel) to very, very expensive (London). I doubt I will get more than a couple of posts, if I am lucky, in October.

Since Edgar had so kindly sent me the WDW Cocoa that I needed for Bad Hare Day, I had to sit right down and stitch some. I just got started on the ears, but I don't want to stitch too much more right now, since this will be my airplane piece. If I get too far ahead, I will have nothing to stitch during the long flight back to the mainland on Thursday. Yes, we leave again on Thurday morning. I can't believe that we have been here a week and a half. Maybe that is because the long list of projects that we should have been working on here has been sadly neglected. I am still determined to get the headboard in the Master Bedroom hung on the wall and a bit of the mess in the laundry room cleared up. That still leaves a lot of windows yet to be covered and the office, library, and guest room untouched. Maybe when we are back here in September we will have more energy to get things done.

Right now I'm going to start on the Rocket backstitching. Here's to a productive week to everyone.


Doris said...

wow a busy days! i got lisbon in August , for 2 weeks,but we travel in a car, my home is in madrid , Spain,so, in 6 hours (car) we will be in lisbon.

Sherry said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog and telling me about blurb.com! It looks like something I may check out soon!!

Sonda in OR said...

I hope your trip goes smoothly and is fun and relaxing. Hassling with the airlines makes my blood pressure go up just thinking about it.