Friday, July 18, 2008

Sometimes Simple is Best

It's always nice to get a present. It's always nice to get some stash you have been waiting for. But sometimes you don't need a bunch of things to feel ecstatic. Sometimes you just need that One Right Thing. Most of you reading this blog probably know Edgar of Blacksheep's Bit of the Web, but if you don't, go over and read his blog right now.

Now that you are back, you know who I have to thank for my One Right Thing today. When I was leaving for San Francisco, I realized that I could not find the Weeks Dye Works Cocoa that I needed for Bad Hare Day. The sewing/stitching room is in a bit of mess right now, so not finding something in there is not exactly a surprise. I wrote Edgar to find out if I could buy some Weeks Dye Works in San Francisco, since I would be there for only one day and would be without a car. But there really isn't anywhere in the city to buy cross stitch threads. I would have to travel to Alameda or Burlingame. In the end I couldn't really go, so I asked Edgar if he could send me the one skein I needed and it arrived today.


This was just in time. I have been having trouble sleeping lately. I tried to stitch on Rocket after dark, but although I did not attract the frogs, I was less than happy about the experience. So last night I picked up Bad Hare Day again and got in some more border and some more letters. With the skein of Cocoa I will finally start the bunny in the middle. Yeah!

On a totally separate topic, Meari asked if I had any trouble taking pictures of food in restaurants. Well, actually, I think it resulted in some confusion, but certainly in our favor. First let me say that taking pictures of food in restaurants is a been around since the web started supporting pictures. There are tons of food blogs that are nothing more than pictures of food. Certainly there are many different food groups on Flickr. I posted those pictures on where I also do reviews. I don't take pictures of everything I eat, but I certainly took a lot of pictures (all 24 courses) when I ate at Alinea in Chicago and I wasn't the first to do that. I don't know why I decided to take pictures at Haliimaile General Store, but I had my camera and the food was lovely. This is a fine dining restaurant, so we don't expect it to be as quick as Burger King. Still there was a noticable wait between the appetizer and our main courses. At least our main courses were still warm and presentable, unlike the cold pasta that we were once served in Palo Alto. My husband and I were chatting amiably and didn't really mind the wait. The confusion occured when we were presented the bill. The hostess apologized profusely for the delay in our entrees and comped us our drinks and dessert. We had no idea why they did that as we didn't complain and were perfectly happy to sit there and talk. The only reason we can discern for the comps was the presence of the camera. Did they think we were going to review the restaurant and trash the service? Hardly. I've eaten there a dozen times and have already posted glowing reviews. Well, we tipped the waitress as if we had not been comped and plan to return again, so I guess the comps were not a huge issue. Though I wonder if we would have been comped if we had been pushy and rude.


Barbara said...

Hip, hip, hooray for Edgar!! :D

tkdchick said...

Its so nice when the someone in the stitching community reaches out like that.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Yea for Edgar! And yes I do read his blog!

"Bad Hare Day" is really moving along and now you'll get a lot more done with the right thread!

Windy Meadow

Sonda in OR said...

What a sweet thing for him to do. I like to read his blog.

Chiasmata said...

That's what I really love about the stitching bloggers community, there's so many helpful people! I would have been stuck if you hadn't sent me the six stranded sweet thread I needed last year, and I'm glad Edgar could help you out too.

Bad Hare Day is looking great! Very chocolately colours.