Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goodbye, Mandala.

No, I am not giving up on this project. But I have to say after spending most of yesterday stitching on this, I am done for a while. Putting in over 100 quarter stitches on 32 count does not result in a lot of fabric covered. The silk quarter stitches were not difficult (though frogging them certainly is), but the perle is still a pain, even on the cross stitches. This is not even all of the motif finished. There is still a lot of backstitching over the pineapple - black silk over the leaves and gold metallic over the fruit.

So this is where I will leave it for a while. Most of one motif finished, half of one motif started and a few stitches on motif number three. I don't even mind the Jessica stitches, but the pineapple is too much stitching on too little fabric. It is obvious that I won't reach my yearly goal of finishing eight parts of this project. I will probably finish Part Two and may even start on Part Three, but for the next two months this project will be packed away.

On the 10th of September (my husband's birthday) we will fly to San Francisco. On the 12th we will fly to Maui. This may be the last trip to Maui this year. We fly back to Nevada on the 22nd, just in time to drive to San Diego the following weekend and Los Angeles the week after that. Then October 8th starts the big trip. We fly to Frankfort, Germany that day and to Barcelona, the day we land. A few days in Barcelona, then we fly to Lisbon and get on the Seabourn Pride for a two week cruise of the southeastern Atlantic. We won't be back in San Francisco until November 3rd. I will be bringing my laptop (and my iPhone), but I don't know what kind of connections I will be able to find while I am gone. I am going to bring Bothy's Cut-Thru Rocket and I know I will get a lot of stitching time on the boat. If I finish the Rocket and the Michael Powell (plus do some sewing in the next week), I should have most of my yearly goals covered.

So starting today I am going back to work on the misprinted and abandoned Michael Powell Cottage Garden I. I have recharted the places that disagree with the model and will power forward on this piece. I still like it so much that I refuse to abandon it. I should get plenty of it done before we leave for Maui next week.


Barbara said...

Gulp! That is incredible detail!!!!

Sharon said...

It looks fantastic, but ugh! 100 quarter stitches. I think a Chatelaine is moving off my list-LOL

Karol said...

Your piece is beautiful. The detail is awsome. Safe travels!

Jane said...

The pineapple is gorgeous! I'm following your progress with interest. I'm stitching a Chatelaine (Indian Summer Afternoon) and I'm signed up and getting Holland Springtime, so I know what you are going through. I think the result is worth it, though.
I also nominated you for the "I love your blog" award. You can see it on


Ruth said...

Got room in your luggage for me? :)

I know the the pineapple was a pain in the ..... err stitcher, but it is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.