Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Post Denvention Report

No matter how much fun they try to squeeze into five days, eventually it ends. If you have been reading Ruth's blog, you have seen pictures of the panels and readings and autograph lines and Hugo winners. Here are my best memories from the convention -- Perry Middlemiss and Rose Mitchell, the co-chairs of Aussiecon 4. Yes, there were dozens of other people working the Site Selection and Conversion tables, but without these two, there would not have been a bid or a convention. And so it goes ... Seattle and Reno are bidding for the worldcon in 2011, Chicago for 2012, and Texas for sometime. All of these bids had tables collecting money from presupporters and all of them hope to join the Long List of worldcons and worldcon chairs.

And so the thousands of fans picked up their goodies from the dealer's room and the art show and made their weary ways back home. You didn't see any pictures from the art show because photography is forbidden there, but now that I have my lovely additions to my collections here at home I can show you some of the amazing art that is offered by science fiction artists. We have a small collection of science fiction art, mainly focusing on rockets and spaceships. This is von Braun's Mars by Michael Carroll. Both my husband and I loved it from the moment we saw it and are so glad that we could bring it home. But it is not all paintings and watercolors and digital prints. More and more artists are doing 3D art; large bronze sculptures, models of spaceships and aliens, quilted and stitched pictures and bags, and ceramics.

This is a Mayan Quatal Pitcher and Casserole from Peri Charlifu. He is well known for his Lord of the Rings pottery, with beautiful elven verse on it. Much of it goes to auction and sells for hundreds of dollars. This is his latest branch into ethnic occultism using Cholan glyphs. I am not really a LoTR fanatic and do not favor delicate painted pottery, but I found this pottery absolutely irresistible. I asked him to make more. We also bought some more traditional pottery from a shop in Georgetown, Colorado, but although beautiful, it isn't as unique as this.

Monday morning we got up bright and early and hit the road. We made a detour south to see some more of the Rockies -- from Denver to Fairplay to Buena Vista to Aspen to Grand Junction again. Again the geology was overwhelming. I was so glad to have the Roadside Geology books so that I could know what I was looking at. This is the canyon of the Arkansas River near Buena Vista.

And this is the road from Buena Vista to Aspen over the Independence Pass (12, 095'), the highest point across the US Continental Divide. The road and the scenery were simply spectacular, but even my husband got a bit of vertigo standing by the side of the car and looking down. Maybe it was the altitude (7900') or maybe it was the fact that parking was difficult and expensive, but we were not impressed by Aspen. Unless you like overpriced stores, multimillion dollar mansions, and large jets, this is a charicature of a small town. We were glad to get back to Grand Junction which is a real and lovely small town with equally spectacular views (though probably not as good skiiing). We were so exhausted by all the mountain driving that we ate an early dinner and were asleep by 9 pm. I got up at 5:45 am (letting my husband sleep until 6:30 am) and we were out the door before 7 am. Although the scenery on I-70 is still wonderous, we just wanted to be home. We got home at 2:30 pm (helped by the one hour time difference between Mountain Time and Pacific Time).

And so I leave you with this. I only stitched 1.2 stars in the last ten days. But I promise to keep stitching until this is finished. Then I will move back to Hawaiian Mandala and finish Part One. I will need to start another smallish project to take with me starting on the 25th, when I have been called to jury duty. I hope this lasts no longer than my previous jury duties (a day or two). Amazingly enough I should be in Nevada until September 10th! I'm even going to drag out the sewing machine and get some finishing done and maybe even some sewing projects on my yearly goals.


staci said...

Sounds like you had a great were pretty close to my neck of the woods (north of Denver ;))

Barbara said...

Oh man, I want to go rock exploring with you!

That pottery is stunning. Wow. I wouldn't have made the connection between pottery and sci fi, but now that I've seen this, it's so obvious!

tkdchick said...

What beautiful vistas! I'm a si-fi/fantasy fan but never hard core enough for something like the convention you've been to!

Ruth said...

Yeah you got your pots!!! And I am selfishly happy to have you win it since now I have his name and can find him to order stuff! :)

I love your beautiful trip home. Far prettier than the inside of the airport or plane.

Reagan said...

Bet you've got one of the best trips ever. Additionally, you've captured some great scenery out there. I hope that I can also find time to visit the place by myself. Thanks for the share. It was really worth reading for. Cheers!


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