Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Outi and is:

"What do you do to your thread clippings? Do you just scrap them or do you use them in something else?"

Since I stitch in so many different places, I really don't have a central place to save my orts. I have taken a few pictures of orts after a particular design is finished (this one is from the basketball baby bib that I did last year), but in general the orts collect in a neat pile until it is time to clean up the stitching area and throw them away.

Today is the last full day of the Denver Worldcon. If you actually want to see what it is like, you should look here. Although I am carrying around a digital camera and a video camera, as usual, I forget to use them. And frankly I'm mostly in one place (Site Selection) and it is not terribly photogenic unless you like pictures of draped tables and paperwork. Today is more of the same. I have a ton of books to be autographed by Stephen Baxter and S. M. Stirling (and others). Now that Australia has won the worldcon bid for 2010 (voting closed at 6 pm last night much to the consternation of a women who knocked over a table when she was five minutes late and found that we were closed), I will be working the Australian Conversion Table. Yes, voting will get you a Supporting membership (you can nominate and vote for Hugos in 2010 and vote for the 2012 Worldcon), it doesn't actually let you attend the 2010 Worldcon. If you want to do that, you have to pay some additional money. Attending memberships will never be cheaper than right here just after the vote, so people line up in droves to buy their attending memberships. Membership fees will double by the time the convention is actually held, so it helps to buy one early. Again, like most SMOFs (Secret Masters of Fandom, also known as convention runners), I was too busy working and politicking to actually go to any panels. If things work out, I should have some exciting jobs in the future.

As Ruth mentioned, tonight is the Hugos, the annual awards for the best novels, stories, dramas, editors, and fans. It is highly competitive and usually highly controversial. There are so many different reasons why people vote for one thing over another. One well written book may not be "science fictional" enough to get the most votes. One writer may be so popular that their nomination wins, even though it is not the best work. One drama may not have been seen by many voters and may be overlooked. And like the Oscars, one nomination may win because of the past efforts of the nominee. Whatever happens, I will be in the audience. I ran this ceremony in Los Angeles and was stage manager last year in Yokohama, so I am a quite interested in all that goes on. All will be revealed tonight!


Barbara said...

Whew, sounds like a Big Event going down. It must be terribly exciting to be in the thick of things!

Ruth said...

She knocked over the table??? OMG That's some serious fan anxiety.

Honestly, is it a good plan to throw a hissy in the presence of a bunch of people with edged weapons?

Are you all ok? Did it cause a paperwork meltdown?

I'm so sorry.

Sherry said...

Sounds like a big event! I take my orts and put them in a zip lock bag all year then in Spring I put them out for the birds to pick and choose for the nests they are building!