Thursday, September 4, 2008

Letting Go

No more whining. Yes, the chart does not match the model. But how many times have we stitchers changed the threads, made a few additions or subtractions to a design, or left an error in because it was too small to matter? I'd like to start designing my own charts and here is a place to start. Look at the model, then decide how I am going to change, correct, and enhance the actual stitching. Though I do wonder what it would look like stitched as charted. Not as good as this, I dare say.

The next design decision is the timbering on the house. The chart calls for two solid colors. The model clearly shows one solid thread and the same thread blended with a darker thread. Neither of those colors seem to be in the kit, so off I go to my DMC stash. First, though, I needed to steal the Q-Snaps from the Rocket so that I could stitch the bottom part of the pattern. I think I will go down the left side (lots of flowers there) because there are different colors there besides just orange or green (or the endless blue sky).

I thought I would be sewing this week, but I need a large block of uninterrupted time. My husband is in classes at Photoshop Expo this week, but since it is here locally at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center, he is driving back and forth. He should be gone for a good eight hours tomorrow. So back to designing and stitching. I hope everyone is having a good week.

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Ruth said...

Yes! Major chart snafus as catalysts for design inspiration.

I am sorry that this kit can't seem to get its act together.