Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Running on Empty

I got this much of Michael Powell's Cottage Garden I finished before I left Nevada. I didn't try to continue in San Francisco because I didn't have the proper sunlight or enough time to tackle the next section. One of the reasons I loved this piece was because of the layering of the different greens throughout the picture. I was just about to continue the next section of shrubbery just below the gray shadow on the left when I noticed that the called for green almost matched the light green in the shrub above it. Time to regroup and rethink.

The model showed a dark shrub (shading to a brighter green at the bottom) followed by a lighter shrub at the very bottom. In Maui I had the sunlight and the room to spread out all the colors and decide where to go from here. One of the problems I now have is that I am running out of some greens. I don't think I could have matched the model exactly and still have enough of the various greens to properly finish the trees on the right. So I went with a darker green for the middle shrub and made a blended thread with the two threads I was using in the darker bush. The bottom shrub is much lighter than the model, but I have a lot of those colors left since the chart shows the trees at the right all stitched with this color rather than banded as the model shows. As long as I get the feeling of the piece correct and use most of the greens somewhere, I think the mood of the stitched piece will be right.

I thought I would get a lot more stitching done here, but I am spending a lot of time reading Neil Stephenson's Anathem, all 900+ pages of it. I am about two thirds of the way through and am still enjoying it. I don't recommend it unless you like a lot of philosophical dialogue. This is a book for geeks about geeks. We are also watching DVDs from Netflix about Spain and Portugal. Yes, we have guide books, but the DVDs give us a good feeling about the scale of the places we will be visiting next month.

My plan is to keep working on Cottage Garden today and tomorrow. On Friday I will switch back to Bothy's Rocket for the monthly Stitch-A-Long and I still have my Christmas ornaments for the trip back to the mainland on Monday.


Barbara said...

Greens can be tricky, but this looks so wonderful. You're doing an excellent job with all the beautiful shades and tones.

Have to keep my eye out for Neil's latest over here ...

Sherry said...

This is looking wonderful! Good luck with those greens!

Donna said...

Glad to hear something positive about Anathem - the Post's book reviewer didn't seem too impressed. I'll keep my eyes open for it at the library.

Ruth said...

Dang! You are flying through that cottage. I am sorry for all your green angst, but it is looking beautiful and I give credit to all your adjustments. With Spain and Portugal on the horizon I doubt I'd be focused enough to get much stitching done, let alone all the "math" involved in switching dozens of colors around. Kudos to you!

900 pages of geek philosophy..... hmmm, not anytime soon for me. :)