Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Small Step into the Darkness

Aha, I remember why I didn't spend as much time stitching this as I had planned on. It's 32 count NAVY in a tight weave! I still like the pattern and even though there is a lot of confetti, I still like stitching it. But I like to stitch at night and this is not the fabric to stitch on when it is not bright daylight. I should buy a daylight lamp, but there aren't any convenient outlets near my favorite stitching chair, just huge windows. I tried to stitch a bit last night, but ended up frogging most of it because I was one thread off. That doesn't happen to me very often. But I have done most of the laundry I have to do before we leave for the mainland tomorrow, so I can spend the afternoon stitching.

The day before we leave Maui is always melancholy. This is the last sunset, this is the last chance to swim, this is the last meal we will have here. I know we will be back, but this time, I don't know when. We have a full travel and project schedule between now and the middle of January. Sometimes I get annoyed being here -- its so hard to get goods and services here and I miss my stash (and my cats) I have on the mainland. But it never fails that when it is time to go, I look back reluctantly and wish I would stay just a little bit longer.

This is also the last time we will have access to The Cottage. Yes, it is finally in escrow and should belong to someone else by the end of the month. I know that selling it is the only thing to do, but we have never sold a house that we lived so close to. This is the view of the main house from the cottage driveway. I hope the new owners don't have loud parties every evening. :-) Does this mean that we can finally buy some land and build Our House in Nevada? The house we are in now was only supposed to be temporary, but after five years it sure seems pretty permanent.

Well, nothing will change for the next couple of months. We will simply be too busy. We saw a great DVD on Barcelona last night and I am now starting to get excited about spending some time there. And on the boat I can relax knowing that meals (really, really good meals) and housekeeping are taken care of! I hope everyone had a successful Stitch-A-Thon this weekend.

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sajo said...

Dear Kathryn, Rocket is just fantastic!!! Any chance to get the chart from you?? I realy wish to stitch it too!!! I have other Bothy's design to share with you!!!