Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

OK, not really. These question are from Ruth, but they are so good that I just had to post about them.
"Choosing right this very minute -- If you could go home tonight and put the very last stitch in one piece that you have NOT yet started, what would it be?"
No question. It would be The Cricket Collection's Three Gables. I have had this kitted up for years (including the 30 count R&R fabric) and have started carrying it around with me. I want to start it so badly, but I need to finish a few WiPs first.

"And if the same magic applied to going home tonight and putting the last stitch on some WIP or UFO of yours....?"
Again, I hardly needed to think about this at all. It would definitely be Stoney Creek's Victorian Wedding Remembrance. I haven't even finished the cross stitching and almost every stitch is backstitched too! I haven't worked on this since we moved to Nevada five years ago. I need to find the bolts for the floor stand. Right now I have all the sticks lying around on my sewing room floor, but no bolts. At least this isn't on my 2008 Goals list.

I did stitch a little bit on Cottage Garden last night and will take it up again this afternoon. I also finished the first five chapters (the easy ones) in the Dreamweaver tutorial and watched one of the worst documentaries (on the Canary Islands) I have ever seen. Out of focus, odd framing, really strange narration that had no reference to what was going on in the picture and completely terrible music. At least I can send this DVD back to Netflix, though I almost want to "Report a Problem with this DVD". Yes, the problem is "This DVD is TERRIBLE!!!".

Donna thought I was giving a positive review of Neil Stephenson's Anathem. And I was. For me. But you also have to realize that my husband was a philosophy major. We really do have Socratic dialogues about the nature of meaning. For people who don't enjoy endless debates about the number of quarks that can fit in a klein bottle, then you probably wouldn't enjoy this novel as much as I am.


Arthemise said...

Thanks, now I have to get Three Gables!!!

Donna said...


No philosophy majors at my house. Just 4 people who could have gone down that path. My college senior actually threatened to change her major to philosophy, but her advisor and I talked her out of it. Instead she remains a bio major with a tremendously strong writing background.

I loved Cryptonomicon and will probably love the new book, too.

Jane said...

Your questions (or Ruth's questions) are interesting. If I had some "obligation" stitching to do (gifts or requests) I would choose one of those, but usually I value the process more than the product, so being done with it wouldn't be satisfying.

The other question I don't have any doubts about. I've done all the stitching on Chatelaine's Mystic meadow Unicorn box, but it's not assembled. If I could wave a wand and have it assembled, I would be thrilled!

I've read a couple of Stephenson's books, and I remember them disctinctly, but they are not an easy read.


Teejay said...

Your victorian piece is looking so lovely, I do hope you continue to work on it.