Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Midnight Stitching

Here's what a little more after midnight stitching will bring you. About a quarter of the sheep's body is done now. I might even finish him this weekend, if I don't bring out something else to stitch tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is one of our three cruising days on the boat. There are no landfalls and no tours and no getting up at certain times. Just stitching and reading when I want to. Now that is a vacation.

But we have spent some of our time in Barcelona touristing (instead of sleeping). This is the interior nave of Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece cathedral designed by Gaudí. The structure and decorations are filled with organic, natural forms. Notice how the columns split at the top like tree branches. At some point all the windows will be filled with abstract stained glass, but for now most of the windows are empty.

The most striking features so far are the tall, tall towers. You can take an elevator up in one of them and walk around narrow spiraling steps to see more of them through deep window niches. The building is a marvel wherever you look. I am glad to have seen it as the rest of Barcelona did not capture my imagination as Paris and London have. I really want to go back to Paris the next time we are in Europe. We might come back next year for the Venice Bienniale (contemporary art exhbition) that we very much enjoyed in 2005.

But right now we are in Lisbon at a gorgeous hotel, Lapa Palace. In about two hours we will get on a bus to the cruise ship and start our seagoing adventure. I always like sailing into or out of a harbor in the evening. The lights are usually fantastic. I don't know if I will be able to post again until we leave the boat in two weeks. I know when we sailed last, there were dedicated computers that you could use, but they might not let me upload pictures (or even use them for more than five or ten minutes). If I don't speak to you again until then, I hope everyone is having a great October.


Barbara said...

One of my best friends moved to Barcelona a few years ago. I've been meaning to go, but one thing and the other has cropped up to prevent it. Thanks for the pictures!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the I would like to travel one day. Maybe spend a semester in Rome?

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Good progress on the sheep!

Thanks for the pictures and if you don't have service, we'll wait and see them when you get back! :-)

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