Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Much

That is a pitiful lot of backstitching in one week, if you ask me. I may not have been stitching, but I have been organizing and kitting things up for the Really Long Trip. I have decided not to take these ornaments with me. There are a lot of fiddly bits that might get lost on a long trip. But really, while I have been stitching this I have been jonesing for a new start. So I have kitted up another Bent Creek sheep (Freedom) for the plane. Stitching on 25 count is just the ticket for the variable lighting you find on airplanes. Then I do need to work on some goal stitching, so Cut-Thru Rocket and Flower Fairy will come with me. I also have a tiny Trilogy Autumn Alphabet on 32 count that should be quick to finish and Summer Sheep (on 28 count white) that I can stitch on the plane trip back. Last, but not least, I am taking Cross Eyed Cricket's Three Gables (30 count) with me. It's been kitted up for years and I really want to work on it. The ship we will be on for two weeks (Seabourn Pride) has a lovely observation lounge that is filled with sunlight. On previous trips I spent a lot of time up there reading or working on jigsaw puzzles. This time I will stitch. The boat does stop at a lot of different ports, but there are two or three days of pure sailing that will be a real luxury, especially in the afternoons when they serve really scrumptious English tea and sandwiches.

We fly to San Francisco tomorrow (no, I am NOT packed yet as I had planned to be). I get my hair done, finally sleep, and we fly to Frankfurt (Wednesday to Thursday morning) and Barcelona (Thursday afternoon). I used to be able to fly to Australia and conduct seven days of classes (in seven different cities), but not any more. I know I will be horribly jet lagged, so plan to take it easy in Barcelona. We fly to Lisbon on the following Wednesday for the night and get on the boat the following Thursday. Since these are all civilized countries (unlike say, Cambodia), I should have some internet access, so I plan to publish some stitching progress along the way.

I have been very depressed about my Stitching Blogger's Birthday Club package. I sent it Express Mail last Monday. They said it would take three days to get there. The recipient's birthday was on Saturday. I kept checking the USPS website, but it just said that it left Los Angeles on Tuesday. I was about to call them this morning, but one final check of the USPS site said that the package had been delivered this morning. RELIEF! Next time I'll use DHL or FedEx.

So back I go to packing and organizing. I have more than 24 hours worth of projects, but only 20 hours until the taxi picks us up tomorrow morning. I hope everyone has a great week.


Sherry said...

Have a great trip!

Debi said...

Have a wonderful trip! I'm feeling pretty green right now.

Jane said...

Have fun! I love cruising!


Frontrange Stitcher said...

Above all, safe journey. We'll be waiting for your posts, pictures and progress reports. Have a fabulous trip!

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Have a wonderful trip!

I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of food, fun, and of your projects! :-)

Windy Meadow