Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sail Away, Sail Away!

Yes, I have been enjoying stitching in the light filled observation lounge. I might even finish up this sheep today as it is a sailing day between Madeira and the Canary Islands. Then I should really do a bit more on my Cut-Thru Rocket, though I do have to admit that starting Three Chimneys is really, really tempting.

Here is a picture of our ship, the Seabourn Pride. We have been on three previous cruises with Seabourn, but all on the Spirit. Since the three Seabourn ships are identical, it really seems to be the same boat except some of the names of the common areas are changed. There are currently 195 passengers and 165 staff. That does mean that staff is around everywhere you look. They are constantly trying to feed you, but I am managing to resist eating most things, except for the extraordinary Black Forest Cake. Mmmmmm.

There was a Seaborn bus from the hotel in Lisbon to the boat. Checking in is accompanied by champagne, but doesn't take too long. They even produce a picture ID to get you on and off the ship (and sign up for the mucho expensive internet access). The first day of travel is just sailing, so I could relax. Yesterday we landed in Madeira. I was not interested in the general tours, but I did sign up for the helicopter tour. I love helicopters and small planes. I took twenty minutes of video over the incredibly steep hillsides covered in houses and trees. When I get back I will post some of it on Flickr. We also bought (surprise, surprise) some Madeira wine. It is a fortified wine similar to a vintage port. Good for after dinner sipping. Today is another sailing day to the Canary Islands. I plan to stitch (and to avoid the four meals a day they provide). I have been trying to keep up reading everyone's blogs, but I haven't been able to do much commenting because of the slow access speeds (and the 30 cents a minute access costs). I'll try to keep posting and comment more when I get back to dry land. Have a good week everyone.


Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Great progress on the Freedom sheep!

Stitching on an observation deck sounds like great fun! You can still see the view but you can do something that you love!

Yum, Black Forest Cake! :-)

Windy Meadow

staci said...

Sounds perfect! A gorgeous ship, beautiful sites, delicious food and stitching!!!