Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Stormy Finish

I should have finished this Monday afternoon, after we got back from walking around Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, but I spent a lot more time reading than stitching. Yesterday on our last full sailing day, I did get it out and finished it in about an hour. I even got out Cut-Thru Rocket and put two strands into that project, too. But by then our smooth cruising had finally found some weather. The ship ran into a 30 knots per hour headwind and 8 - 10 foot seas. Since the observation lounge is at the very front of the ship, the motion was pretty pronounced. I retreated to our midships cabin, but even there most activities were limited. I finally joined my husband in an early bedtime. We have a long, long tour to Casablanca and Rabat today.

On Monday as we were walking around Las Palmas, I looked up at a sign -- DMC! And so it was. This was a tiny, tiny store stocked to the rafters with buttons, trim, yarn, and every kind of DMC thread they make. There were a few kits and needlepoint tapestries, so I just had to buy a P & B kit made in Spain of some cheese, olives, and wine. It includes Aida cloth, so I will find some linen to stitch it on when I get back home. I have been looking for some Spanish cross stitch magazines, but I haven't seen any in the limited magazine stalls that I have run across. On one of his walks, my husband did get me a needlepoint magazine. They are fairly simple designs, but one of them may get stitched.

Our stop yesterday was Lanzarote, another Canary Island. It so dry that it is remarkable that it has any population at all. When I get back to a faster download speed, I'll upload some remarkable cactus pictures from a cactus garden with over 800 species. We also had some rather nice wine from a local vineyard where they grow the grapes on the black sand ground in shallow holes to protect them from the drying wind. I've never seen grapes grown except on trellises. Today we dock in Casablanca and take a tour to Rabat. This should a much different photography experience that what we have had so far in Spain in Portugal.


Jane said...

Just came through a bunny trail and found your blog. Great stitching and wonderful photography. We sailed on Seabourn last summer around Greece and Turkey. I loved the Horizons lounge for its ample stitching light. Have fun. Travel safely.
Jane Williams

Frontrange Stitcher said...

Well Jane, now I'm really green. What a delightful trip you're having. And congratulations on finishing up the sheepy, he is so cute. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

You finished a sheep!

I've been looking at that one for a while but haven't broken down and bought it yet as I need to finish up my little freebie sheep. Hmmmm... maybe this weekend!

Windy Meadow

sari.i. said...

Wow, your holiday sounds awesome! :)

Meari said...

Cute finish, Kathryn!