Wednesday, November 26, 2008

At Least It's a Sheep

I got this much done by the end of Sunday night for the Stitch-a-Thon. I had hoped to finish it off, but I was missing several borders and another birdie. Currently I have most of the borders done, but I still have some black, blue, and the birdie to finish. I may have a Happy Dance by the end of the day.

That assumes that I can pack for Los Angeles pretty quickly. Clothing isn't much of an issue, because the convention is pretty casual. And for the first time in years we do not have to pack for a room party. No stand-up Elvis, no bowls and cutting board, no flyers and lighted Las Vegas sign. Just us, our car, our clothes, and books that I want autographed. I really love this convention in Los Angeles because will be able to chat with dozens of friends from all over that I only see at conventions. (Hope to see you there, Ruth). However, I do miss having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It really makes the most sense to drive there on Thursday and not have to get up at o'dark o'clock and drive there Friday morning. I usually cook a make-up dinner sometime in December as I love cranberries and mashed potatoes and dressing. At least this year I might get a chance to actually shop on Black Friday (I have coupons for JoAnne's). Usually I am sitting a table or on a panel. My first panel (Fiction 2008) on Friday isn't until 3pm.

It is approaching the end of the year and I still have these outstanding goals:
  • Start Hawaiian Mandala and finish at least 8 of the 12 parts.
    Well, I started it, but I have only finished Part One (without the beads) and half of Part Two. Since I knew I couldn't finish the entire piece in one year, I'm not too unhappy that I have fallen behind. I'll put more time into it next year.
  • Finish another Michael Powell piece.
    If the Michael Powell piece that I started actually had the right chart, it would be finished by now. I am thinking about taking this to Los Angeles and working on it, but I might actually accomplish this goal more easily by starting one of his Mini-Christmas Windows.
  • Finish the plastic canvas Christmas ornaments.
    I'll work on them when I get back from LA. There is not too much left to do.
  • One exchange or RR piece.
    Too much travel. I just don't feel comfortable with an exchange when I don't know where I will be six months from now. I may try again in 2009, but I might just not be a good candidate for an exchange.
  • Start and finish Bothy's Cut Thru Rocket.
    Well, it is started. I'll just carry it over until next year.
  • Sewing projects
    I have done none of them of that I set as a goal and haven't even finished the Hawaiian Shirt that I was doing for James' birthday. I need a better sewing setup before I am going to get in a sewing mood.
Which is really not too bad. I do have 11 finishes that weren't even on my goals list and have finished three of my nine goals and one extra credit piece. There is still time enough to finish two more goals, so I will probably set goals again next year with the hopes of finishing 90% of them.


Margaret said...

Hi Kathryn,

I am so sorry we were never able to get together when DH & I were still living in Las Vegas. We moved to The Netherlands on 08/01 although we still have our home there. Thankfully we have found a tenant for 2 years. We'll take it from there. Hopefully a better housing market by that time so we can sell.

What a sweetie this sheep is - I love her!! She must be such fun to stitch.

Have a wonderful trip to California. I love it there - especially San Francisco and north.

Sharon said...

That looks great!