Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Few More Squares of Sheep

You can see that I'm following the pattern at the front of the sheep and trying to follow the model, sort of, at the back. So there is more stitched at the front. But overall this is going well and I am really enjoying it. I don't have that much more sheep to go, but there is still a lot of border (and two birds) to do. Then I will probably move on to the plastic Christmas ornaments. I should be able to finish them before Thanksgiving. After that I will have to look at my goals list and decide what will be done and what will be abandoned for this year and carried over to the next.

Although my husband safely drove to San Francisco yesterday, I didn't bring my sewing machine out. There is too much paperwork and organizing to do. I think I will work on that until he comes back next Monday. The refrigerator in the loft is not fixed. Sigh. The repairman could not find the leak, so he filled the units with freon and will try to find it again when this freon leaks out. If they weren't built-in units, I would just get them replaced.

This picture of Convento do Carmo may not be as beautiful as some of my past travel pictures, but if you get a chance to visit it in Lisbon, I'm sure you will love it as much as I did. Unlike the cathedrals in England, it was not unroofed by fiat or war, but was destroyed by the immense Lisbon earthquake of 1755. This disaster not only destroyed Lisbon entirely, but also damaged cities from Morocco to England. Since it destroyed all the churches in Lisbon and occurred on November 1 (All Saints Day), it also affected the thinking of European philosophers such as Voltaire and Kant. It was difficult to see a benevolent god behind such utter destruction. The convent was not completely rebuilt, but left roofless as a reminder of the Lisbon earthquake for future generations. Now the ex-convent is a small, quiet archeological museum.


Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

The sheep is coming right along!

The sky through the open roof is just beautiful! It's amazing that it's been open to the elements for so long and is still standing!

Windy Meadow

Ruth said...

Thanks for the convent story. Now I have to go find out about that quake *and* I want to go to Lisbon and sit and stare at those ruins.

Love the sheep although I don't know how all the pattern "issues" aren't driving you nuts.